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Recap / Veronica Mars S 02 E 12 Wallace And Rashard Go To White Castle

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At Java the Hut, Veronica brings Wallace a slice of "German Chocolate Nut-gasm" cake, which she thinks will serve as Comfort Food. Wallace isn't sure, and Veronica brings up how hated Wallace will be once he reveals star basketball player Rashard Rucker was actually the hit-and-run driver. Wallace tells Veronica she doesn't have to help, but she's glad to do it. Wallace sees Ernie Sayers, the reporter who had questioned him earlier, and Veronica happily sends him over to Wallace.


Meanwhile, at the sheriff's department, Inga is working the counter when Keith comes in. They greet each other, and Keith says he's being audited, so he needs expense reports and salary documents. Inga says she may be a while, but Keith indicates he has a book and music on his iPod to keep him company. Once Inga leaves, Keith turns on the iPod, which actually has the interviews he conducted about security at the sheriff's department. As he listens, walks around to the front desk, pulls out a card and finds a list of codes in Inga's desk. He's able to make a new security card, and then goes to the third floor evidence room, which Leo claimed had no security at all (sure enough, the surveillance camera isn't even on). Keith enters the evidence room and looks around until he finds a box marked "Bus Crash". He grabs the box and finds four mini-cassettes. Keith then opens his book, which has been hollowed out to make room for the cassettes, places them inside, and puts the box back where he found it. Back at the counter, Inga returns with Keith's documents, and asks Keith how he likes his book. Keith allows it's weird, but he hopes it'll make sense soon.


The next day, Wallace is walking out of Neptune High when Veronica catches up to him. She's glad Wallace seems to be in one piece, but Wallace is worried the article hasn't come out yet. They pass Molly Fitzpatrick, who's eating lunch until Weevil interrupts her. After trying to make small talk, Weevil shows her the pictures of her and Felix. He asks her if Felix was working for her brothers, and Molly says he didn't know Felix at all if he thought that. She also says her brothers and uncles didn't know about her and Felix, or they'd have killed both of them. Weevil asks her how they met, and she says at St. Mary's Church. Weevil realizes it's the one place where both of their families would get together. Molly also mentions her brother Patrick is a priest there.

Early the next morning, Wallace is in bed when he gets a phone call from Nathan, who has the morning paper. Wallace explains he needed to do the right thing, but Nathan tells him the article basically accuses him of being the driver, and it was Rashard who accused him. Wallace is dismayed.


Later, at Neptune High in the lunch area, Wallace tells Veronica about it, and she's pissed on his behalf. Wallace still thinks Rashard is "cool", but Veronica points out a "cool" person wouldn't frame someone else for murder. Wallace tells her Rashard's uncle is his enforcer, and probably was the one behind the article. He also points out Rashard will be in town soon on a recruiting trip to UCLA, and that if he just talks to Rashard, everything will be fine. Veronica remains unconvinced, and points out jail is no fun. Just then, Jackie walks by, and wonders what they were talking about. Jackie asks Wallace about Chicago, and he allows it was "complicated". She then asks if the three of them can hang out that weekend, but there's an uncomfortable silence before Wallace says he's busy. Jackie leaves, and Wallace tells Veronica he can't deal with Jackie right now. As the lunch bell rings, Wallace asks Veronica if she knows any good lawyers. Veronica says, "I know *a* lawyer"...

...and a little later, at Mars Investigations, Cliff tells Wallace, after getting off the phone, he can turn himself in to the Neptune sheriff in five days. If he doesn't, he'll be thrown in jail. Veronica says they can also prove his innocence in that time. Cliff agrees, and leaves. Wallace is happy because if they can prove his innocence, it'll be just in time for the Neptune High/Pan High basketball game. Veronica can't believe Wallace is thinking of a basketball game at a time like this. She looks at Rashard's schedule (which she got from a former classmate who now goes to UCLA and is a cheerleader there), and finds out he'll be at the Booster dinner. While she and Wallace won't be able to get in, Veronica guesses there'll be some girls who will be waiting outside to meet Rashard. Wallace starts to wonder if he'll be able to find those girls, and Veronica tells him, "No".

Just then, Keith calls for Veronica, and Wallace takes off. Keith tells Veronica to destroy a file from a divorce case they no longer need; Veronica is shocked the couple got back together, but complies. As she's shredding photographs, one of them catches her eye. She goes into Keith's office and shows him the photo, which shows in the background Terrence Cook and Ms. Dumass. Keith asks about Terrence, and Veronica admits, after acknowledging Keith's trust issues with her, that she recorded Lamb's conversation with Terrence that proved Terrence has major gambling problems. Keith looks dejected.

That night, at the Neptune Grand, Logan is playing video game golf while Weevil tells him about the church. Logan isn't convinced the priest is involved, but Weevil points out Patrick used to be involved in the family business before he became a priest. Logan still isn't sure how they'd pass any drugs along, but Weevil implies the confessional booth would be a perfect place. A little later, Weevil slips out of Logan's hotel suite, but a Mexican janitor happens to see him leave.

That night, in a hotel lobby, Rashard (B.J. Britt) is walking outside with two UCLA cheerleaders. He wonders where the party is at, and they tell him it's wherever he's going. Rashard laughs at this, sees a limousine outside with a driver holding his name up, and invites the girls along with him. They pass three men as they head for the limo, and one of the men, Rashard's Uncle Monte (Sterling Macer Jr.), excuses himself and heads for the limo. Rashard and the two girls have settled in, and Veronica, who's in the front seat, tells the driver to head to the Forum Suites Hotel. She calls Wallace and tells them everything's on schedule. Just then, a truck pulls in front of the limo, blocking it. Monte catches up to the limo, opens the door, and orders the two girls to get out. Rashard starts to protest, but Monte tells him not to say a word, and the two girls leave. Once they've left, the limo starts to head towards the hotel. As Monte upbraids Rashard for not thinking, and Rashard tries to defend himself, Veronica tries calling Wallace back, but only gets his voicemail. As the limo heads into the parking garage of the hotel, Monte continues to tell Rashard how he can't afford to throw away his opportunities, and while he's allowed to enjoy his success, he should be careful. Rashard alludes to a fraternity party he's been invited to on Thursday, and Monte says he can go, as long as he's careful. The limo pulls between two parked cars. Wallace is waiting there, and Veronica tries to warn him things have changed, but Monte has rolled down one of the windows and sees Wallace. He tells Wallace to butt out, and points out he has the reporter on speed dial. Monte then turns his attention to the limo driver, and threatens to call the police and tell them he and Rashard have been kidnapped. They pull away, and Veronica and Wallace look on, defeated. Veronica says they should stop by a fast food drive-thru to pick up a cheeseburger on her way to Java the Hut; Wallace gets a Eureka Moment as he realizes before they had the accident, Rashard stopped by a White Castle drive-thru, and the attendant can testify Rashard was driving. Wallace excitedly runs off.

At Java the Hut, Lars is "singing" again, this time Air Supply's "All Out of Love". When he finishes, Britt (Britt Daniel, real-life lead singer of Spoon), gets up to sing, thanks Veronica for the coffee she served him, and starts singing Elvis Costello's "Veronica". Meanwhile, Veronica has spotted Weevil sitting in the corner, and heads over. Weevil asks for her to bug the confessional at St. Mary's. Veronica is taken aback, and refuses at first, but Logan, who is sitting in the booth next to Weevil, points out he stands to gain as well. They bring up what they've learned, and Logan pleads for Veronica to save his ass without comment just for once. Veronica says she has to comment, but she reluctantly agrees to help, though she'll only agree to plant a camera.

Meanwhile, at the Mars Apartment, Keith is listening to the interviews, and in flashbacks, we see them. Dick mentions how much the bus smelled, so he suggested the limo. When Lamb brings up Curly Moran, Dick mentions Moran used to work on his father's car, and calls him "a trip". Cassidy confirms the smell, says Dick's idea for the limo may have been his only good idea ever, and says he met Curly once, but his father never really took him to the mechanic because it was "man stuff". Just then, a visibly tired Veronica walks in. Keith says he's had a thought about the rat; instead of being there to send a message, it may have only been there to drive certain kids off the bus.

The next day, in the Neptune High hallway, Veronica muses at how weird it was the rich kids survived the bus crash while the poor kids didn't, but still thinks the crash was meant for her. She sees Dick give a kid a wedgie. Wallace walks up, looking forlorn; the drive-thru guy (whose name is Guy) has gone missing, as has the surveillance video from that night.

Later that day, Veronica heads into St. Mary's church. She sees Father Patrick (James Joseph O'Neill) and muses Weevil was right about him being connected to the family business, but she's still worried she's going to hell for what she's about to do. Veronica goes over to the candles in front of a statue of the Virgin Mary, lights a candle, and says she's sorry for what she's about to do. She heads to the confessional booth and plants the camera. Father Patrick's voice, from the other side of the grill, startles her, but it turns out he just wants to hear her confession. Without getting specific, Veronica alludes to the fact she often looks to extract vengeance on those who have wronged her and her friends. Father Patrick says he knows the feeling, but brings up Romans 12:19-21 ("Vengeance is mine. I will repay, sayeth the Lord. Therefore, if thine enemy hunger, feed him. If he thirst, give him drink. Be not overcome of evil, but overcome evil with good"), and says she should think about that. Veronica thanks him and leaves. Before leaving the church, she plants a storage unit in one of the back pews.

Later that night, Veronica joins Wallace, who's on a street, and they head towards the party. Wallace realizes it's an all-black fraternity, and he guesses he'll be able to blend in better than Veronica will, so she agrees to wait outside in the car. Inside the fraternity house, the party is in full swing, and Rashard is dancing with a couple of girls when Wallace calls out to him. Rashard excuses himself, and he and Wallace walk into an empty room. Once there, Rashard wants to know what Wallace is doing. Wallace points out they did the wrong thing by running off. Rashard says the hit-and-run was an accident, but Wallace points out Monte is going to have Wallace thrown in jail for something he didn't do, and he thought he and Rashard were friends. Rashard, however, doesn't appreciate being "ratted out", and points out how much he has to lose. He warns Wallace not to mess with him or he'll hit back, and storms out.

A little later, Wallace heads back into the main room of the fraternity house, only to discover Rashard is now flirting with Jackie. Wallace calls Jackie out, but she points out she can do what she wants, and she'd be more inclined to be nicer if he had returned her phone calls. Rashard asks Jackie if Wallace is bothering her, and when she says yes, arranges for two bouncers at the party to throw Wallace into a closet. Jackie looks concerned, but when Rashard turns his attention back to her, she smiles and suggests they get out of there, and mentions she knows a club in Hollywood. Rashard starts to point out Monte told him to stick around, but when Jackie wonders if she needs to ask permission, decides on his own they should just leave.

Outside, it's started to rain, and Veronica is waiting inside her car. She sees Jackie and Rashard heading out, smiles, and starts to follow them.

Inside, Wallace has finally gotten out of the closet. He runs into Monte, who berates him for trying to mess things up for Rashard, and asks if he's seen Rashard. Wallace mentions Rashard ran off with Jackie, but he knows where they went...

...and a little later, at Club Thin, Jackie and Rashard head inside after first going through the metal detector. Monte pulls up in a taxi. When he gets up to the metal detector, he places his watch and cell phone inside a box. The bouncer, who's also the Neptune deputy Veronica had met before, palms Monte's phone and replaces it with an exact duplicate. After giving the phone to Monte, the bouncer heads over to an alcove near the entrance, and gives Monte's phone to Veronica. She thanks him, and he invites Veronica to stay, but Veronica says she has to go to church...

...and back at church, Veronica retrieves the camera's storage unit. Later that night, in her bedroom, Veronica watches the tape, and is surprised to discover Father Patrick isn't dealing drugs.

The next morning, Weevil is waiting impatiently in the computer classroom when Veronica hurries in. She shows him the tape, and points out while Father Patrick is clean, Liam places a hymnal (filled with drugs or whatever) inside a hymnal, and someone retrieves it. That "someone" turns out to be Thumper, and Weevil glares at the screen.

Later, at lunch, Wallace looks at an unappetizing-looking sandwich when Veronica shows up and hands him Monte's cell phone. She says Wallace can e-mail Guy's phone number to Nathan and let him do the rest. Wallace hi-fives Veronica just as Jackie walks by. Jackie thinks she deserves a hi-five as well for her help in Veronica's Batman Gambit. After a few seconds, Veronica and Wallace both grin and exchange hi-fives with Jackie. They congratulate her on being able to charm Rashard, and Jackie modestly says she's always been good at snagging guys, but she needs to work on holding on to the good ones. After an awkward moment, Jackie starts to ask Wallace out, but just then, Jane shows up, and asks Wallace if they're still on for the next day after the game. Wallace says yes, and Jane leaves. Jackie and Veronica both hang their heads.

That night, Weevil meets up with the other PCHers, and angrily tells them Thumper is betraying them by working with the Fitzpatricks. Thumper, however, is defiant, and when Weevil, who's getting angrier, wants to know how Thumper can work with their enemies, Thumper points out Weevil has been working with Logan. Turns out the janitor who saw Weevil at the Neptune Grand is Hector's cousin, and Thumper says Weevil is the one who's sold them out. As the other PCHers gather around Weevil, Thumper says he doesn't have Weevil's gift for speeches, but drums him out of the gang.

A little later, Weevil, bruised and battered, is hanging from a hook by his bound hands, and Thumper tells the bikers to let him down. As the others leave, Thumper tells Hector to drive Weevil's bike into the lake, and he'll pick him up later. Hector looks at Weevil before leaving. After Hector leaves, Weevil, who is trying to pull himself up, accuses Thumper of killing Felix. Thumper doesn't deny it, but shows Weevil a video he has of Weevil beating Curly Moran up, which he says will go to the cops if Weevil doesn't keep his mouth shut. He walks off.

Inside a hotel in Chicago, Guy (Curtis Anderson) is carrying on with two girls, both of whom look bored. Just then, there's a knock on the door, and when Guy answers, Nathan storms in, and demands Guy tell the truth about what really happened.

The next day, Weevil, still looking bruised, is on the school bus, looking unhappy. When he gets out of the bus in the Neptune High parking lot, Dick and some other 09er kids start to laugh at him, but Weevil tells them to shut up or he'll knock their teeth out.

Later, outside the gymnasium, Wallace is getting ready to go inside for a pep rally when Veronica shows up. Wallace gets a phone call, and it's an irate Monte, who wants to know how Wallace got his cell phone. Wallace basically blows him off and tells him he has to go to the rally, as Veronica laughs.

That night, at the Mars apartment, Keith is listening to Gia's interview, and we see a flashback of Gia telling Lamb how her father was the one who told her not to get on the bus. Just then, Veronica walks in, and tells Keith how well Wallace did in the game. The TV has been on, and the news anchor cuts in with the news break that Terrence Cook is being questioned by the sheriff for his possible involvement in the bus crash. Veronica and Keith look troubled.

This episode contains examples of:

  • And I'm the Queen of Sheba: Weevil tells Molly Fitzpatrick if her brother Liam's a priest, "then I'm Buzz Aldrin."
  • The Bus Came Back: Jackie. Also (briefly) Nathan.
  • Call-Back: The dead rat.
  • Character Development: Jackie.
  • Continuity Snarl: Though Veronica brings up Keith's line about not trusting her again comes up when she tells him about recording Lamb and Terrence Cook, they don't really do much about it here or subsequent episodes. Word of God admits they probably should have done more in that regard.
  • Curse Cut Short:
    Weevil: First you make me come in early, which is something I never do, and then you’re late. Fortunately I found this video online. This guy gets his whole head stuck up an elephant’s...
    Veronica: Fascinating, I'm sure, but I think you'd rather see this.
  • Did I Say That Out Loud
    Veronica: (as she's bugging the confessional) I'm going to hell. It’s that simple. I am going straight to hell.
    Father Patrick: (unseen in the priest's booth) Confession hasn’t quite started yet but what makes you say that?
  • Did Not Get The Guy: Jackie doesn't get Wallace...for now.
  • Everybody Did It: Weevil is there only one in his gang who wasn't dealing drugs.
  • Foreshadowing: The picture of Terrence with Ms. Dumas, and the fact he was questioned by Lamb, will become very important later.
    • Also, Weevil's not done with Thumper by a long shot.
  • Hollywood Tone-Deaf: Once again, hilariously averted.
    Veronica: (voiceover) Great. So I’m late, it’s super-busy, I missed dinner, and it’s “make the karaoke machine want to kill itself” night.
  • Literary Allusion Title: The title of the episode, of course, comes from the movie Harold & Kumar Go to White Castle.
  • No-Holds-Barred Beatdown: The PCHers deliver one to Weevil.
  • Papa Wolf: Or Uncle Wolf, in this case.
  • Shout-Out: When Inga asks Keith if he can occupy himself while she looks for his expense reports, Keith says he has a book by Bill O'Reilly.

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