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Recap / The Office USS 6 E 9 Double Date

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Michael goes on a double date with Helene, Jim, and Pam, which ends disastrously when he asks to break up.

  • Digging Yourself Deeper: It looks like Pam is about to show mercy to Michael by just letting him off with a threat to never date a member of her family again. Just as she's walking off, Michael blurts out that Helene came on to him first, which provokes Pam to turn around and finally give him a hard slap.
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  • The Dog Bites Back: Toby helps Pam by ensuring the hit is off company property and tells her how to effectively throw a punch.
  • My Fist Forgives You: Pam punches Michael for breaking up with her mom.
  • Reality Ensues: Michael realizes that dating Helene means he won’t be able to experience all the things he wants to, like having kids.

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