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Recap / The Frollo Show E 17

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"I give you light! I'm going to give you light! Here's the light!"
Marco Antonio Regil

Episode title: Frollo Finally Does It (Part 1)
Release date: January 10, 2014

In the world created by Wilford Brimley, Frollo's team, now composed by both Frollo's allies and enemies, fight seemingly endless clones of Brimley himself. Thanks to careful planning and their notable battle skills, Frollo's team gain the upper hand over the clones with relative ease.

In the meantime, Panty, in a gruesome organic room, is forced to watch her allies on a mouth-like monitor fight the Wilford Clones, and witnesses the creation of such clones. Panty, watching three being made in front of her, points out how weak they are. In response, Wilford desmembers them one by one, proving her point and proceeding to create a bigger clone, claiming this one will cause trouble. Panty begins to worry.


Meanwhile, Frollo notices a mountain with scattered murals like in Madotsuki's dreams, and a weird, monochrome creature emerges from it, which seems to scare most of the team. Mado approaches it, unfrightened. This causes Yzma to lighten the mood, and everyone begins to laugh at the creature. Fegelein, unimpressed at Wilford's apparent attempt to scare them, shoots the creature.

This affects Madotsuki's feelings, which turn the world's landscape to one with a likeness with her dreams. The creature reawakens and eats both Fegelein and Mephiles, much to Hitler's joy. The creature vanishes, and Madotsuki is visibly sad. Fortunately, she witnesses a bit of slapstick featuring Frollo and Gaston, which makes her chuckle. This causes the distorted world to go back to normal, which reveals a previously invisible Clone peeping toming Stocking. She quickly reacts and kills it.


After the turmoil, Yomika goes to Madotsuki's side to see if she's OK. The rest of the team, however, is angry at her, as they believe she caused all of this on purpose, with Gaston, Spartacus and Garbage Guy being especially aggressive, but Leonidas stops them, and Bison proposes to be more considerate to the girl. Kneesocks figures out that Mado didn't cause the trouble willingly, and proposes to let her speak. Madotsuki speaks into Kneesocks' ear, telling her that she indeed couldn't control it, and that it was synchronized with her feelings. Hitler isn't surprised, as he points out how the Wilfmension was built with Madotsuki's emotions, making her the "second owner" of the place. Frollo hears this with a smirk on his face, and proceeds to give an emotional speech to assure Madotsuki she can count on the team. A red aura identical to Wilford's comes from the mountain, prompting the re-assembled team to enter.


In a brief intermission, it's revealed that after they were eaten by that creature, Fegelein and Mephiles didn't actually die, but became stuck in a state of limbo. After a brief argument, the duo decide that the only thing that they can do is wait for something to happen.

Inside, they are told to find Wilford, which they are initially unable to, until Stocking realizes Brimley is hiding in Madotsuki's Dream Dimension. This suggests they should "break" the little girl. Hesitantly, the team asks Madotsuki to become depressed. She tries, but is incapable to do so because, as she tells Stocking, the team caring for her has made her so happy. Everyone is moved, except for Frollo, who wants desperately to make the Wilford appear. His anger begins scare Madotsuki and then, in a rather cruel move, he punches her, much to the team's shock.

This activates the Dream Dimension, revealing a Wilford octopus with multiple tentacle-like limbs that attacks the team. Mark and Marco Antonio Regil are first to attack, but are promptly thrown outside. Back in the battle, the team is having a lot of trouble fighting the beast, with Haruhi, Guile and Lemongrab being too scared to move. Frollo calls them cowards, and he and Gaston assault the monster, to no avail. This causes the creature to fight back. Frollo tries to teleport, but is somehow unable to. As it seems like he will be taking the hit, Madotsuki intervenes, blocking the Wilford beast's attack. She telepathically tosses Frollo away from harm, as she struggles with the monster.

Outside, Marco realizes they could beat the monster by making the mountain collapse, and he and Mark succeed on doing so. As the team manages to escape, Frollo is grabbed by a limb of the monster, and Lemongrab quickly goes to his rescue. Frollo survives, but the collapse traps Lemongrab's legs. Being so vulnerable in a hostile environment, Frollo is forced to end his suffering by killing him, which he does once again without any doubts.

Frollo walks off telling everyone to follow him, confident that they'd do so. However, they don't. He realizes this and dashes back to where he left his friends, now isolated and with a burial dedicated to Lemongrab, made with a pile of stones with one marked "Here lies a true hero". This implies that they've had it with Frollo treating them like tools, as he stated after killing Lemongrab "He served his purpose". Frollo watches over the horizon, as Stocking hides between the mountains leaving Frollo shut out.

"The food certainly isn't the same anymore, isn't it?"

  • Acid-Trip Dimension: The whole saga takes place in this.
  • Actually a Doombot: Rare heroic example. A group of Wilford clones feast on Fegelein, who is really just a blow-up dummy filled with meat. This is part of a trap set up by the real Fegelein and Mephiles, the former taking aim with a sniper rifle, and the latter catapulting a propane tank at the right moment.
  • Deliberately Monochrome: The Wilfmension becomes grayscale when Madotsuki's sorrows are triggered.
  • Go for the Eye: Fegelein shoots the monochrome creature in the large eye on its chest, then he shoots it in the head.
  • Heroic Sacrifice: Lemongrab saves Frollo from the Wilford octopus at the cost of his legs, forcing Frollo to Mercy Kill him.
  • Indy Ploy: Marco Antonio Regil improvises a plan on how to kill the Wilford octopus, which involves collapsing the mountain it's inside in with a football kicked by him and Mark.
  • Nice Job Breaking It, Hero!: Fegelein shoots the monochrome creature dead, which triggers Madotsuki's sorrows. The result is found at Swallowed Whole below.
  • Swallowed Whole: The monochrome creature devours both Fegelein and Mephiles with its gaping Belly Mouth. They survive, but are trapped in eternal darkness.
  • Taking You with Me: Just before Frollo can escape the crumbling mountain, the Wilford octopus grabs him with one of its tentacles as its last-ditch attempt. Lemongrab saves him from impending death at the cost of his life.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Frollo gets hit with this twice.
    • The first time is when he punches Madotsuki in the face to get Wilford to appear, which everyone, even Hitler and Hades, non-verbally calls him out for.
    • The second time is when everyone abandons him for mercy killing Lemongrab and stating that "he served his purpose", rubbing salt in the wound by making a gravestone reading "Here lies a true hero".
  • The Worf Effect: The Wilford octopus effortlessly hurls out Marco Antonio Regil and Mark and swiftly overwhelms Stocking, Yomika, and Ayumu.
  • You and What Army?: Kronk says this word-for-word to a Wilford clone.
    Wilford clone: Might not hurt you to look back.
    [Kronk looks back, seeing four Wilford clones surrounding him]

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