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Recap / The Dragon Prince S 1 E 9 Wonderstorm

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"I know what I have to do."

" It's okay, little one. The important thing is you."

The heroes are besieged by a monstrous spider that could wrap them up in its webs. Ezran figures out that it's not a real spider, since he can speak to animals and spiders don't sound like that. He proves it by walking up to the creature and shouting right back it without any harm coming to him. Callum apologizes for not taking his claims of being able to speak to animals seriously.

The group makes it to the tree and promptly find out that the "miracle healer" is no such thing. Rather, the woman who met Ellis is the Sky Elf Lujanne, Guardian of the Moon Nexus, an illusionist who resides on the Cursed Caldera. She keeps the Moon Nexus safe by casting monstrous illusions around the mountain. Lujanne informs them that the only thing they can do for the egg as this point is to hatch it. Since Sky Dragons can only be born in a storm, Callum breaks the Primal Stone, releasing a thunderstorm that causes the egg to hatch into a baby dragon named Azymondias. The dragon quickly befriends the heroes and severs Rayla's wrist binds.


Soren and Claudia make it to the top of Mount Katolis. Claudia is able to cast her tracking spell, alerting both the siblings and Viren, all the way back at the castle, to the heroes' location.


  • All for Nothing: Subverted. The miracle healer turns out to not be able to heal at all, but she knows how to hatch the egg, and thanks to Callum's Primal Stone, they're able to do it. As a bonus, once Zym is hatched he is able remove Rayla's binding so she doesn't have to lose her hand.
  • All Webbed Up: Rayla encounters what appears to be a human trapped in the spiders' webs who crumbles to dust as soon as she slashes through. It turns out to be an illusion.
  • Cliffhanger: Claudia and Soren have found the current location of the group, Lord Viren's body seems to be corrupting from his usage of Dark Magic, and the end credits also show that someone is in Viren's mirror, and Corvus has reached the mountain village and is following the group's tracks in the snow.
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  • Giant Spider: One of Lujanne's illusions is a terrifying giant spider that traps people in its webs.
  • Place of Power: The Moon Nexus seems to be this.
  • Rascally Raccoon: Lampshaded; Ezran mentions that he no longer trusts raccoons since they fooled both him and Callum when they were younger.
  • Tragic Stillbirth: It initially looks like hatching the egg failed, but a few moments later, this is subverted.
  • Traumatic C-Section: Egg variant. Lujanne informs the group that the egg's heart rate is slowing down, and the only way to save its life is to hatch it immediately. The problem is that a Storm Dragon egg can only hatch in a storm, but a solution is found when Callum destroys his Storm Primal Stone to summon a storm. It works.


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