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Recap / Star Wars Resistance S1E12 "Dangerous Business"

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This episode aired January 20, 2019.

Yeager, Neeku and Tam enter the workshop talking about needed repairs to the Fireball, only to discover that Kaz and BB-8 have been working on the ship with a bunch of new parts. Kaz explains that he made a deal with Flix and Orka that, in exchange for the parts, he'd watch their shop for the day, and heads off with BB-8 to do just that. At the Office of Acquisitions, Flix and Orka explain that they're off with their droid to see Flix's mother, who lives offworld. They give him instructions on how to run the store, most importantly that he is not to sell anything from the back room, and depart with GL-N. Kaz falls victim to their pet gorg Bitey's tendency to chew on fingers.


The first customer of the day is Jooks, who wants some premium droid oil, and who leaves just as brusquely as she arrived. Shortly thereafter, another customer arrives, a Mining Guild employee by the name of Teroj Kee, who's noticeably surprised to find the shop open for business. He claims to have placed an order for a rare part called a phase connector. Kaz, checking the inventory, apologetically tells him he doesn't have an order under that name, and although they do have a phase connector in stock, it's in the back room and has already been purchased by a mining colony. Teroj attempts to persuade Kaz to sell it to him, and when Kaz refuses to, he places a large order of tools and various parts which he insists Kaz personally deliver to his storage locker at one of the loading docks.

When Kaz is ready to leave with the order, a suspicious BB-8 suggests he not go as he feels that Teroj is rather shady. Kaz points out that almost everyone on the Colossus is a bit shady, and that he intends to find out what Teroj's deal is. Upon reaching the loading dock, Kaz finds an open cargo container and assumes it to be the storage locker, only for Teroj to suddenly lock him inside. He then pays dock worker Glem to dump the container, which he claims has nothing but junk in it, into the ocean. Due to the loud music Glem has on, he can't hear Kaz shouting desperately from inside.


Teroj goes back down to acquisitions, where BB-8, listening to a spotty comlink call from Kaz, sees him break in and hides as Teroj goes for the phase connector in the back room. When the Mining Guild employee attempts to leave, BB fights him, trashing the store. Eventually, Teroj manages to trap the astromech droid underneath a toppled shelf and behind a crate, before leaving. Inside the crate, as it's moved over the opening to the ocean below, Kaz, in a panic, hits upon using a lens to focus the power of a welding torch, allowing him to cut open the door. He makes it just as the crate is dropped, giving Glem a surprise when he sees Kaz holding on to a crane. Leaving, Kaz attempts to contact BB-8, only to see Teroj pushing the hovercart with the phase connector. He follows the thief out to a freighter docked at the Colossus' entrance, and follows him onboard. Kaz, approaching the device where it's been left in the hold as Teroj leaves, is surprised to find Bitey on the cart, and grabs him and hides when he hears someone approaching, who turn out to be two stormtroopers.


The ship shortly launches, and Kaz, realizing that Teroj works for the First Order, realizes that the only option he has to prevent him from escaping with the phase connector is to bring the ship down. Sneaking around the hold, he spots an electrical panel, and, as he has no sharp tools, uses Bitey to cut the wires instead, wiggling his fingers to attract the gorg to the panel. Not only does Bitey survive the electrocution, but the ploy works fantastically, causing the ship's engines to malfunction. Eventually, Kaz, Teroj and the stormtroopers all flee in escape pods as the ship crashes into the ocean. Kaz is surprised to find Bitey clinging on to the outside of his pod. Meanwhile in another pod, Teroj is forced to report to Commander Pyre that his mission was sabotaged and the phase connector has been destroyed. He's not relieved when Pyre, noting that Captain Phasma will want to know about this, orders him to report in person.

Upon returning to the Office of Acquisitions, Kaz is horrified at the mess, and frees BB-8 from underneath the shelf. He's terrified at how Flix and Orka are going to react, and when they shortly return, explains his thwarting of Teroj's theft while leaving out the First Order's role. Flix and Orka are actually pleased, as Orka notes that Teroj had been trying to steal from them for quite some time. However, Flix points out that the Guildsman must have been monitoring them, as how else could he have known they'd be offworld that day? As Kaz turns to leave, Orka tells him they expect him to be back tomorrow, as he needs to work off his debt for the lost phase connector by helping clean up the shop. Kaz is disappointed, but promises to be back in the morning. In the hallway, Kaz tells BB-8 they'll need to report the First Order's interest in phase connectors to Poe and General Organa, and he wonders if they could want more dedlanite.


  • Adopt the Food: Flix and Orka not only haven't eaten the gorg Kaz got them in "The Recruit", they've made him their pet and named him Bitey.
  • Are These Wires Important?: Kaz takes down the Mining Guild ship by having Bitey chew through some wires. Justified: the wire set-up is similar to the one Yeager uses, so Kaz knew which one to grab to bring it down.
  • Bait-and-Switch: Flix and Orka are actually happy Kaz blew up the guy's ship, since he keeps trying to steal from their shop. He'll still need to work off the cost.
  • Call-Back:
    • Teroj Kee works for the Mining Guild, which made a number of appearances on Rebels.
    • After learning what the phase connector does, Kaz is reminded of the events of "Station Theta-Black" and wonders if the First Order is trying to mine more dedlanite.
  • Chekhov's Gun: Kaz uses one of the lenses Teroj pretended to order to lure him into the cargo crate to enhance the welding torch's beam enough to escape.
  • Continuity Nod: Just like when he bought Bitey back in "The Recruit", Kaz gets his hand chewed on.
  • Fingore: Bitey's propensity for doing this earned him his name, and Kaz, yet again, falls victim to it. Kaz later takes advantage of Bitey's tendencies to sabotage the Mining Guild ship.
  • Foreshadowing: Teroj is noticeably surprised to find the Office of Acquisitions open, almost as if he'd prefer it to be closed... because he was planning a burglary.
  • Harmless Electrocution: Bitey suffers no ill effects from chewing through the ship's wiring.
  • Made of Iron: Bitey survives a truly astonishing number of things in this episode, including getting electrocuted when Kaz uses him to bring down the Mining Guild ship.
  • Oh, Crap!:
    • Kaz's reaction when he realizes he's locked in a cargo container that Teroj has paid an unwitting Glem to drop into the ocean.
    • He's also horrified when he comes back to the shop to find it a mess from BB-8's fight with Teroj.
  • Properly Paranoid: When Kaz is going to deliver the parts Teroj ordered to his storage locker, BB-8 warns him not to go because he's shady. Kaz points out that everyone on the Colossus is at least a little bit shady. BB turns out to be right, and Kaz narrowly escapes with his life.
  • Solar-Powered Magnifying Glass: Kaz uses a lens to enhance the beam of a welding torch enough to be able to cut open the door of the cargo container he's locked inside.
  • Spanner in the Works: Kaz's presence minding the shop is ultimately what prevents Teroj from getting away with the phase connector, as he was expecting the place to be closed.
  • This Is Gonna Suck: Teroj's reaction after Pyre tells him to report in, after having explained that the phase connector has been destroyed.
  • Trailers Always Spoil: The synopsis released beforehand reveals outright that Teroj is working for the First Order, a fact that doesn't become clear in the episode itself until after Kaz follows him onto his freighter.
  • Work Off the Debt: Since Kaz is unable to pay for the damage to the store, he has to clean up the place the next day to fully settle his debt.


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