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Recap / Sonic Boom S 1 E 26 Eggman Unplugged

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It’s another relaxing day on the beach, and Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Sticks play the cream-in-hand prank on Knuckles, while Tails says that maybe tricking Knuckles into cleaning the bathroom would have been a better idea than this. Sticks uses a feather, and Knuckles touches his nose and gets cream on his face. However, a Flybot has been spying on the gang again. Eggman plans to do something that he can use when Sonic does something else, but he will have to keep watching. Orbot and Cubot try the prank themselves. Knuckles wakes up and Sonic decides on who to prank next. Amy then motions towards the Flybot, who hides behind a tree. Sonic decides to head to the canyon, but then he winks. Amy says that the boulder is ready to fall. Tails says that they will be crushed by the boulder. Knuckles says that the cream will shoot out like toothpaste. Eggman decides to push the boulder.


Eggman heads to the canyon, where the boulder is apparently set to fall. Eggman tries to push the boulder down, planning to get rid of Sonic forever. However, the boulder is far too heavy, and Eggman asks Orbot and Cubot to help. They push, but nothing works. Eggman then triggers a laser on the Egg Mobile and does an arms-crossed pose as the laser fires and hits the boulder. This cues a cream barrel to fall on Eggman. Sonic and the gang laugh, and Eggman says that Sonic was down there. Sonic says that they sent the Flybot fake information for the prank. Eggman growls. Tails then says that he did a video loop to set up the second part of the prank. Sticks then says that technology can’t be trusted, but then tries to find some alternatives to that statement, before saying that technology cannot be trusted again. Eggman kicks the Egg Mobile, and it pushes Eggman back. While on the ground, Eggman says, “The crazy one’s right. Machines can’t be trusted. That’s it! I’m unplugging everything!” Eggman does not count Orbot and Cubot.


At the Meh Burger, Amy says that Eggman did not take the prank well. Sonic says that he is sure that Eggman is fine. However, Eggman is being pulled by Orbot and Cubot due to Eggman shutting down the Egg Mobile. Eggman then walks up to the store, and then the clerk demonstrates how a bowl works. Eggman is inspired, and then asks if that is mind-controlled-laser-guided spoonizer, and the clerk says that Eggman has to hold the spoon. Eggman is even more inspired. Then, Eggman asks if there is any hedgehog-destroying devices, but the clerk says that he does not get requests anymore due to Sonic, but Eggman cannot go wrong with a rolling pin or a frying pan. Eggman says that he will take 50 of each. Eggman reveals that he abandoned his lair due to technology. But the same exact tree-watching guy from the Lightning Bolt Society was watching again. He then tells the society that Eggman deserted his lair. So the society decides to enter it. Willy Walrus praises the lair (even touching a Motobug without getting hurt because Sonic Boom doesn’t have the touch-badnik-lose-rings thing) and then messes with some controls, and then a fight ensues over the controller. Willy Walrus continues his praise and then falls asleep.


At the beach, Sonic is resting when Eggman appears and tries to attack Sonic with the things that Eggman made. Sonic asks Eggman if he is serious, and Eggman then uses a catapult. Sonic is not amused. Eggman tries a net, but Sonic is still not amused. Eggman then pulls out some beeswax candle bombs, but Sonic interrupts to ask if it is a battle or a craft fair. Eggman says that the two are not mutually exclusive. Eggman says that he will get the hang of this, and when he does, Sonic will not know what hit him. Eggman then leaves very slowly.

Back at the lair, the struggle continues. In the background, Octopus Bot is back, and it is on a rampage. Octopus Bot attacks the village, gets one of the tentacles stuck in a rock, but pulls it back out and continues the rampage. Sonic and the gang rush onto the scene and find that Octopus Bot is on a rampage. Knuckles tries to fight Octopus Bot, but is pushed back a few yards. Amy thinks that Eggman is at it again.

Meanwhile, at the river, Eggman tries to clean something, and then says, “You think someone would have invented an easier way to do this by now.”

At the lair, the Tree Spy tells the society to turn it up. Dave then triggers a missile. Sonic then spots the missile. After dodging the missile a few times, Sonic tells the gang to deal with Octopus Bot (actually not referring to it as Squid Bot like “Circus of Plunders.”) while Sonic finds Eggman. At a shack, Eggman has a candle running, and Eggman tries to turn the butter and says he needs more light. Orbot triggers his eye light, and Eggman says that he told the two no technology. Willy Walrus tries to order pizzas, but sends out a bunch of Bee Bots. Sonic encounters the chief, whose leg is crushed under a boulder. Sonic then spots the Bee Bots and runs, with no time to lose. The chief then offers to chew off his leg, which works out well because he had nothing to eat in a while.

Sonic’s crew then deals with Octopus Bot while a Crab Bot runs into a Moto Bug who fires lasers and destroys another Flybot. Sonic then says that enough is enough, and, sure enough, he encounters Eggman. Sonic then demands that Eggman stop the attack, but Eggman says that it is not his doing. Orbot then somehow accesses the computer and identifies the one behind the attack as the Lightning Bolt Society. Sonic is determined to stop the society again, even pointing out that they let Cow Bot out (which is destroyed by a missile but does not destroy everything.) Sonic says that Eggman has to help, and Eggman tries the catapult. Sonic rushes off. Cow Bot’s head lands near Eggman, who shrugs. However, Dave shuts off Orbot and Cubot. In a rare showing of concern for his minions, Eggman tries to get Orbot and Cubot to move to no avail. Eggman then says that the Lightning Bolt Society has left Eggman no choice and decides to get over to the lair right now. Eggman then tries to start the Egg Mobile, but it shuts off. Eggman is disappointed, but it is at this point that the Egg Mobile decides to start working. With the Egg Mobile now working, Eggman heads over to the lair.

At the lair, more destruction happens with random lasers. Sonic then says that there is no way to tell what the lasers are firing at, but ducks one as it hits a Bee Bot. Sonic and the gang hide behind a rock, and Eggman appears. Eggman then reveals that there is a tunnel that leads to the back door. A third Flybot spies on Eggman, and the Lightning Bolt Society decides to take action with laser guns. However, Sonic and Eggman are behind the four, and Eggman tells the Lightning Bolts that Eggman gave them fake information, just like Sonic did in the beginning. The Lightning Bolts prepare their laser guns and prepare to open fire, but Eggman uses the wrist controller to destroy the laser guns. The Lightining Bolt Society, realizing that without weapons they are truly and greatly screwed, decides to retreat. Eggman then prepares the lair again, and says that it is going to take weeks to get the defense systems reprogramed, so Sonic must not attack until then. Then he gets Orbot and Cubot working again and tells them to get to work. Eggman then offers Sonic some butter, but Sonic declines. Eggman then says that he is going to need a lot of toast.

Tropes featured in the episode:

  • Call-Back:
    • Sonic briefly comes across a Gogoba from "Guilt Tripping", who has his foot trapped under a rock.
    • Cow Bot (from the episode of the same name) makes a brief appearance before being destroyed by a stray missile.
    • The Lightning Bolt Society from "How to Succeed in Evil Without Really Trying" return in this episode as the primary antagonists.
  • Enemy Mine: Towards the end of this episode, Eggman teams up with Sonic and his friends so they can sneak into his lair to stop the Lightning Bolt Society.
  • Even Evil Has Loved Ones: Eggman is genuinely horrified when Orbot and Cubot shut down due to the Lightning Bolts messing with their control panel.
  • Hypocritical Humor: After Eggman gets covered in whipped cream thanks to Sonic and his friends pulling a prank on him, Knuckles tells Eggman, "You look so dumb!" Mind you, the echidna still has the whipped-cream beard Sonic gave him.
  • Insane Troll Logic: Sticks says that she told Eggman that technology couldn't be trusted— but then corrects herself by saying she told the others, unless he heard from spying on them. She then goes on a huge spiel about it before concluding that Eggman couldn't trust the information that technology couldn't be trusted if he himself was using technology to spy on them.
  • Karma Houdini Warranty: After exploiting and tormenting both Sonic and Eggman with no repercussions in "Guilt Tripping", the Gogoba chief ends up with his leg stuck under a rock in this episode. Sonic doesn't seem to remember to go back for him.
  • Life-or-Limb Decision: While he has his foot trapped under a rock, the Gogoba decides to chew his leg off. He likes this idea, since he hasn't eaten anything in a while.
  • Nice Job Fixing It, Villain!: The Lightning Bolts' incompetent handling of Eggman's machinery causes all their attacks to collide and destroy each other.
  • Not Me This Time: When the village is under attack by Eggman's inventions thanks to the Lightning Bolt Society messing around with them, Sonic confronts Eggman, who's too busy planting sorghum for his cakes. Sonic asks him if he's not behind the attacks, and Eggman tells him he doesn't know what he's talking about. Orbot then accesses Eggman's lair and confirms that the Lightning Bolt Society is indeed behind these attacks.
  • Pie in the Face: While Knuckles falls asleep, Sonic, Tails, Amy, and Sticks pull the "whipped cream on the face" prank on him. Eggman watches this from his lair, and Cubot attempts to pull this prank on Orbot unsuccessfully.
  • Please Wake Up: When Dave inadvertently shuts off Orbot and Cubot, Eggman gets concerned and begs for them to wake up. This prompts Eggman to go back to using technology full-time.
  • 10-Minute Retirement: Variation; While he still plans to battle Sonic and his friends, Eggman decides to swear off technology in this episode (save for Orbot and Cubot, mostly so they can pull his Eggmobile), including his lair. The Lightning Bolt Society takes over his lair, messing with his inventions, and forcing him to go back to using technology to defeat them.

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