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The Recap page for the 2012 Disney XD series Randy Cunningham: 9th Grade Ninja. It follows the adventures of high school freshman Randy Cunningham (the title ninja) and his buddy Howard Weinerman, as they navigate their way through Norrisville High while fighting the evil forces of billionaire entrepreneur Hannibal McFist and his chief scientist Viceroy, who are being helped by an ancient evil called the Sorcerer.


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    Season 1 

  1. Last Stall on the Left / Got Stank?: When Randy becomes Norrisville's new Ninja, he must juggle keeping his identity secret from Howard with battling McFist's Krackenstein. / Band geek Bucky Hensletter becomes the first victim of The Sorcerer's "stanking", turning him into a monster that Randy must restore to normal.
  2. So U Think U Can Stank / McFists of Fury: Randy and Howard become talent show judges, but their excessively harsh judgements make all the contestants easy pickings for stanking. / Randy discovers that McFist is secretly working with The Sorcerer, but has trouble convincing Howard of this.
  3. Gossip Boy / House of 1,000 Boogers: Howard accidentally tells his older sister Heidi on her web show that he knows the Ninja's identity, so McFist has him kidnapped to extract the information. / Randy and Howard crash the party of McFist's stepson and school Jerk Jock Bash Johnson, only to discover it's a trap for the Ninja.
  4. Monster Dump / Attack of the Killer Potatoes: Randy and Howard try to sneak off and spit into the Norrisville volcano while on a school field trip. / Randy and Howard want to win the Norrisville science fair, but things aren't going for their project as they planned.
  5. The Tale of the Golden Doctor's Note/ Dawn of the Driscoll: Randy and Howard, with the help of goth boy Julian, try to find the legendary Golden Doctor's Notes so they can skip gym class. / While trying to save a science project, Randy accidentally resurrects the skeleton in the classroom of his science teacher Mrs. Driscoll.
  6. Night of the Living McFizzles / Viva El Nomicon: Randy and Howard must battle hordes of zombies when Viceroy weaponizes McFist's McFizzles candy to turn people into zombies. / Randy and Howard try to improve their grades in Spanish class while facing a Mexican Death Bear released by McFist.
  7. 30 Seconds to Math / Monster Drill: Randy and Howard enter the Battle of the Bands, but McFist and Viceroy have rigged the contest with a device that will force the Ninja to reveal his identity. / Norrisville High's annual Monster Drill is interrupted by a real monster attacking the school.
  8. Silent Punch, Deadly Punch / Ninja Camp: In this Christmas Episode, Randy must find the sacred Skunk-Pine Tree to make new smoke bombs, but the tree is taken by McFist for his company's Christmas party. / Randy and Howard go to Ninja Camp, where they learn its head Mac Antfee was one of Randy's predecessors as the Ninja.
  9. Stank'd to the Future / Wave Slayers: When Dickie, a frozen student from the 1980s, is stanked the Sorcerer, Randy and Howard must reunite him with his lost love, Tawny Zingwald. / Randy and Howard are forced to enter Norrisville High's water ski relay team when their top player is injured in an accident.
  10. Sword Quest / Nukid on the Block: Randy breaks his ninja sword after taking a bet with Howard, and turns to Norrisville High's metal shop teacher S. Ward Smith to get it repaired. / An exchange student named Franz Nukid comes to Norrisville High, but little does anyone suspect him to be a threat to the Ninja.
  11. Weinerman Up / Evil Spirit Week: Randy and Howard compete for the high score of a new arcade game, unaware that it is secretly the controls to a giant robot created by Viceroy. / On School Spirit Day, Randy accidentally frees an evil bird demon called the Tengu, which possesses Howard.
  12. Der Monster Klub / Grave Puncher: The Movie!: Randy and Howard join a group called Der Monster Klub, in which the school outcasts play a board game where they take revenge on the popular kids. / Randy and Howard go to the premiere of Grave Puncher 6D, but the film's hero comes to life and goes on a rampage.
  13. Escape from Detention Island / Bash Johnson: 11th Grade Ninja: When Howard gets in trouble with Principal Slimovitz and is consequently sent to Detention Island, it's up to Randy to help him escape. / Bash is mistaken for the Ninja and becomes the school's hero, much to the frustration of Randy.
  14. Shoob Tube / Stanks Like Teen Spirit: Randy and Howard try to get back at French exchange student Jacques for ruining their chance at becoming online video sensations. / When a robot disguised as a rival school's chess team member crushes Norrisville High's record and spirit, a mass stanking breaks out.
  15. Raiders of the Lost Nomicon / Rise of the Planet of the Robo-Apes: Randy misplaces the Ninjanomicon and must get it back before centuries of ninja wisdom fall into the hands of McFist. / Randy and Howard are eager to ride the new rollercoaster at Whoopee World, but McFist's robo-ape minions go on strike.
  16. Secret Stache / Hip Hopocalypse Now: Howard fakes his way into the Norrisville High Mustache Society, causing a feud between him and Randy while McFist and Viceroy mistake Howard for the Ninja. / Randy is forced into a rap battle with Norrisville High rapper Rudd Rhymez, and turns to the Ninjanomicon for help.
  17. McFear Factor / Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key: To defeat the Ninja, McFist and Viceroy send out a robot that forces those it attacks to confront their greatest fear. / During Norrisville High's Safety Search, Randy and Howard must prevent the Sorcerer from finding a magical key capable of freeing him.
  18. The Ninja Identity / The Ninja Supremacy: In this two-part episode, Randy accidentally wipes his own memories when he uses the Ninjanomicon's final lesson, and thus no longer knows he is the Ninja. / With Randy still amnesiac, Howard must take the mantle of the Ninja in order to defeat McFist's strongest robot yet.
  19. Enter the Nomicon / Swampy Seconds: Mac Antfee returns, and he comes to Norrisville High as a motivational speaker secretly intent on finding the Ninja, so Randy must have his memory erased. / Randy must rescue Howard from a Ragin' Cajun named Catfish Booray, but is forbidden to use his Ninja powers by the Ninjanomicon.
  20. McSatchlé / Fart-Topia: To get money for a McSatchlé, Randy and Howard get jobs at McFist-O-Plex, where Howard is made Randy's manager by McFist. / Randy manages to make McFist's hippie older brother Terry the new head of McFist Industries, but soon finds that he dislikes the new management's approach.
  21. The McHugger Games / McFreaks: Randy and Howard enter a contest to win a free limo ride with soccer star Pitch Kickham, but McFist sends a robot after Randy when the Ninja steals a pair of shorts from him. / Randy and Howard free the mutant animals from McFist's freak show and make them their pets.
  22. Sorcerer in Love / Pranks for Nothing: A new girl at Norrisville High named Amanda Levay has all the guys going heads over heels for her, but little do they know she's in fact The Sorcerer's old flame The Sorceress. / When Randy and Howard get back at Bash for his pranking spree, Bash vows to get even by using one of McFist's new gadgets.
  23. Lucius O'Thunderpunch / Bring Me the Head of Ranginald Bagel!: McFist disguises himself as a superhero named Lucius O'Thunderpunch to steal the Ninja's spotlight and make him feel unwanted by Norrisville. / Randy must protect obnoxious school comedian Ranginald Bagel (voice of Gilbert Gottfried) from McFist when he is mistaken for the Ninja.
  24. Weinerman Tested, Cunningham Approved / Sorcerer in Love 2: Sorceress' Revenge: Due to Howard's ability to somehow break every McFist Industries product, McFist and Viceroy use him as a product tester to make the ultimate robot. / The Sorceress returns, and she captures Randy, Howard, and all their classmates, leaving it up to Randy and Howard to save everyone.
  25. McOne Armed and Dangerous / Shloomp! There It Is!: Randy exposes McFist for the villain he is to the entirety of Norrisville, but this allows The Sorcerer to stank McFist. / To teach him not to be so dependent on it for advice, the Ninjanomicon traps Randy inside it and places an evil doppelganger of him in the world.
  26. Randy Cunningham: 13th Century Ninja: In this fullhalf-hour episode, Randy and Howard accidentally use a time machine created by McFist and end up in the 13th century, where they encounter the original Ninja and inadvertently alter the timeline so that The Sorcerer was never imprisoned in the first place.

    Season 2 

  1. On the Poolfront / Flume-Igation: Howard's dad gets promoted to a robot designer for McFist Industries, but that means if Randy defeats any robot he makes, he'll get fired. / When Randy and Howard are too chicken to take Norrisville's new waterslide, they accidentally release one of Viceroy's first creations when sabotaging it.
  2. Welcome Back Catfish / All the Juice That's Fish to Swim: Catfish Booray returns, this time at Norrisville High as a substitute teacher with a strange orb that has Randy all suspicious. / Randy and Howard try to stop school reporter Debbie Kang from having soupsicles banned from the school for health reasons.
  3. Julian's Birthday Surprise / True Bromance: Randy brings The Sorcerer's orb of evil with him while at Julian's birthday, but Julian ends up releasing the orb's power. / Fed up with Randy constantly dumping him to fight evil, Howard decides to make him jealous by hanging out with different people.
  4. Unstank My Hart / Whoopee 2: The Wrath of Whoopee 2: Randy and Howard's old bandmate Levander Hart comes to Norrisville High after achieving musical fame, but unbeknownst to them, he's out to get revenge on them for expelling him from their band. / Randy and Howard "rescue" Whoopee World's animatronic mascot Whoopee.
  5. M-m-my Bologna / Everybody Ninj-along: Randy and Howard must take care of a bologna “baby” for science class, but Viceroy's latest robot accidentally brings the sausage to life. / Bucky creates a theme song for the Ninja, but Randy can't bear to tell him that he hates it.
  6. Fudge Factory / Best Buds: Randy lies to Howard about the existence of a fudge factory at the outskirts of town, and when McFist overhears it, he decides to have all his weapons stored there. / Randy is given enhanced senses by the Ninjanomicon to help him and Howard win the Best Buds food-tasting competition.
  7. Otto Know Better / Brolateral Damage: Randy and Howard stumble upon Viceroy's pet robot Otto and play around with it, unaware of how distraught Viceroy is from losing his robot. / Randy goes undercover to join Bash's circle of friends in order to learn more about McFist's upcoming BBD scheme.
  8. Let the Wonk One In / The Curse of Mudfart: In this Halloween Episode, Randy is granted an orange Ninja suit by the Ninjanomicon that grants him the power of fear, which he finds is beyond his control. / While camping in the woods, Randy tells Howard a ghost story that he soon finds may not really be just a story.
  9. Shoot First, Ask Questions Laser / Ninjception: Randy uses his Ninja suit to cheat at laser tag, but unbeknownst to him, Viceroy and McFist are using the opportunity to track him down. / Randy is caught in a dream-within-a-dream-within-a-dream, and must figure out what's going on and how to get out.
  10. Happy Hanukkah, Howard Weinerman! / Snow-Klahoma!: Randy and Howard must rescue their favourite arcade from being replaced with a shoe store owned by McFist. / Randy, Howard, and Julian go to an indoor winter park, but Julian is too terrified to enjoy himself due to a mysterious evil twin trying to switch places with him.
  11. Randy Cunningham's Day Off / Bro-ing Down the House: Randy fakes being sick in order to skip school, but a jealous Howard and a series of lies mean that things end up getting out of hand. / Randy and Howard break into McFist's mansion to retrieve their boomerang, but end up staying around to goof off.
  12. Living in Shooblivion / McNinja - Brought to You by McFist: Randy finds himself unable to concentrate as the Ninja due to his classmates making fun of the Ninja, so he turns to S. Ward Smith for help. / Randy sells out as the Ninja to endorse products around Norrisville.
  13. Mastermind of Disastermind / The Brawn Also Rises: While Howard tries to prove to Randy he is a greater mastermind than the Ninja, Randy faces off against Julian's evil doppelganger. / Randy and Howard make a fake video of themselves encountering the Chuck-a-cabra, and become celebrities as a result.
  14. Debbie Meddle / Aplopalypse Now: Randy and Howard discover that Debbie Kang knows that Randy is the Ninja, and try to stop her from revealing the secret to everyone else. / Randy and Howard discover that Plop Plop, the sidekick of the original Ninja is still alive and is now the guardian of another of the Sorcerer's orbs of evil.
  15. Rorg: Hero of a Past / Mort-al Combat: Randy and Howard watch a marathon of a cheesy 80s cartoon, but Viceroy keeps sending out robots based on monsters from that show. / When Howard tells his dad that the Ninja trashed their house, Mr. Weinerman starts to believe the Ninja is out to get him.
  16. Wonkin' for the Weekend / Ninjafan: When Randy and Howard are forced to go to school on a Saturday, Howard inexplicably starts becoming a genius. / Moved by a song she wrote for him, Randy as the Ninja decides to spend the entire day with his biggest fan Rachel and ends up making her do everything for him.
  17. When Howie Met Randy / Bro Money Bro Problems: Howard retells the story of how he and Randy first met back in daycare and how it led to his first encounter with the Ninja. / Randy and Howard sell all of the Ninja's weapons to a junk dealer for money, but Viceroy purchases the weapons for his own robot Ninja duplicate.
  18. The Three Mascoteers / Escape from Scrap City: Randy and Howard get into a feud over acquiring the position as Norrisville's new mascot. / Randy and McFist are trapped in Scrap City, a massive junkyard where all the robots ever built by McFist to defeat the Ninja have been thrown away.
  19. Space Cow-Bros / The Fresh Principal of Norrisville High: Randy forgets Howard's birthday and decides to cover his tracks by treating him to a ride on McFist's new space shuttle. / Norrisville High's Principal Slimovitz is fired and replaced with a computer that places all the students in an orderly simulation.
  20. The Prophecy of Hat Sword / Fake Fight for Your Right to Party: Principal Slimovitz threatens to separate Randy and Howard for their misbehaviour, so the two try to change his mind by making up a prophecy from the Ninja for him. / Randy and Howard try to prove that they are cool enough to go to a party by staging a fight with McFist's robots.
  21. McCluckerbusters / Let Them Eat Cake Fries: Randy and Howard drag themselves into the feud between fast food moguls P.J. McFlubbuster and Charlie McClucker in hopes of benefiting from it. / When Principal Slimovitz decides to ban cake fries from school, the students break out into a full-scale revolution.
  22. Club Ninja-dise / To Smell and Back: Randy and Howard go on vacation to an island paradise resort for Spring Break, but McFist's presence at the same place puts Randy on edge. / Howard releases a massive fart he pins on the Ninja, turning the hero into the school's laughingstock.
  23. Big Trouble in Little Norrisville / Winner Takes Ball: Howard buys a magic idol that grants him infinite wishes, but the true source of its power ends up attracting an old foe. / The last of the Sorcerer's orbs has been uncovered, but its evil power taints Norrisville's water system and puts everyone under the control of Evil Julian, who has the second orb and wants the two remaining ones from Randy.
  24. Ball's Well That Friends Well: In the Grand Finale, Randy must find a way to stop Evil Julian once and for all when he uses The Sorcerer's orbs of evil to open a portal to the Land of Shadows to amass an army. In the process, he and Howard will travel to the Land of Shadows to rescue the original Julian and be forced to team up with an unlikely ally to save Norrisville in one last battle between good and evil like none before.


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