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The Ninja will become a Hero with Bad Publicity
It only stands to reason, as most of the robots and monsters that attack the school was sent specifically to kill Randy. He's not really protecting the other students, he's protecting himself against threats that wouldn't be there in the first place if it wasn't for him. Hannibal Mc Fist probably owns a newspaper, maybe even a tv station, so it's only a matter of time before he pulls a J. Jonah Jameson and starts a smear campaign against the Ninja. The big, ironic payoff is that it's Mc Fist who keeps sending those monsters against him.
  • I don't think so. It's already confirmed the Ninja is well liked among Norrisville.
  • Same here. It'll take a lot for them to turn on the Ninja, especially since he's been their hero for 800 years.
    • This WMG could be considered sort of true. In Lucious O' Thunderpunch, Randy briefly gave up being the Ninja, due to him not feeling needed anymore. The crowd also preferred Thunderpunch to the Ninja, however, no hate or dislike was expressed (other than the Ninja sort of being told off for sulking) and this was mostly because Thunderpunch gave them free stuff, such as ice cream.

McFist killed his stepson's birth father
Bash's mother only married his Dad for money and, when she decided to off him, she got McFist's help. Bash suspects something and that's why he call his stepdad by surname in such an arrogant way rather than showing any sort of respect.
  • While I suppose I could support this, I do believe Bash calls McFist by his surname, firstly, because everyone else does with few exceptions, secondly, he's not his biological father and probably most importantly, Bash has no respect for anyone, including Mc Fist.

McFist lost his right arm because of a previous ninja
Randy obviously wasn't the first Ninja to mess up at the beginning. Maybe one who started back when he was a student did that.
  • Probably Mac Antfee who was the ninja of 1985 since McFist was a student back in 1985
    • It's implied in "McOne Armed and Dangerous" he actually lost it to a conveyor belt.
      • Speaking of, perhaps Mc Fist also got some kind of brain damage from that incident... I mean, how else do you explain the brain in his arm?

Randy will meet Dipper and Mabel Pines.
Wouldn't that be an interesting crossover?
  • That'd actually be a little bit weird and wouldn't work narratively. "Interesting" is definitely the word for it.

The school band instructor (Miss Wickwhacker) was a previous Ninja.
Who said the Ninja has to be a guy? Plus, she did react positively when Randy mentioned the Nomicon in front of her.
  • I'd say that if she was a past ninja, it'd be back in '96 or something ... probably somewhere in the 90s anyway.

Coach Green was a previous Ninja.
His crazy gym games seem perfectly reasonable to someone who used to risk their life daily fighting monsters and robots.
  • If he was, I'd estimate his time as the Ninja to be between the late '90s to the early 2000s.

Stevens has Brittle Bones Disease.
After all, he did have a medical condition that wouldn't allow him to participate in the rope-climbing exercise.

This story is canon.
It would explain why the Nomicon seems to portray Mac Antfee negatively.

It's implied that Randy is the center of a Love Triangle
After watching Der Monster Klub and Grave Puncher: The Movie, there could be a love triangle between Randy, Theresa, and Heidi.
  • Played With in Shloomp! There It Is!. When the Nomicon traps Randy and Howard's minds in it to learn a lesson, it puts a different conscious in Randy's mind. It ends up flirting with Heidi, causing Theresa to become Stanked. Once back in his body, Randy (as the Ninja) presents flowers and an apology from his alter-ego, restoring things to normal.
    • Then in Welcome back Catfish, Randy admits to Howard that in the right light, his sister is kind of hot.
    • Could become a love square, as Debbie Kang and the Ninja have a debatable potential.
  • It could be something played with in future, but it's unlikely to ever be the main focus of an episode, let alone the show, at any point.

The Sorcerer can only Stank inanimate objects, not living beings.
If the thing a person holds most dear is another person, he or she is immune to the Stank. This means Even the Sorcerer Has Standards.
  • I wouldn't put it past him to stank living objects. It's just it's very rare for someone to hold a person that dear. He is capable of stanking abstract things, such as dance moves and your relationship so insofar it's not impossible for him.
  • I thought the teacher (Tawni) was Stanked!Dickie's object in "Stanked to the Future".
    • No, Randy thought the memory of Tawni transferred the thing Dickie held most dear. The transfer was what cured him.
  • He can Stank robots for as long as the robots have emotions. Let's hope he never Stanks the robot monkeys.
  • It is actually now canon that the Sorcerer can stank living beings. As Randy technically had to slice up Howard in True Bromance. So this means that the Sorcerer doesn't have "standards".
    • If you think about it, that means Randy would have had to slice up himself in Shloomp! There it is!.

Julian, Juggo, Theresa, and Accordian Dave were close friends with Randy and Howard when they were younger.
Or at least it was implied during the montage in Der Monster Klub.
  • I wouldn't say implied. I think that Howard and Randy, being new students, immediately clicked with a group of outsiders. It happens. Outsiders tend to be very welcoming. More welcoming than popular kids. In fiction, that is.

Howard was supposed to be the ninja
If you haven't noticed, all the confirmed past ninja's have red hair.
  • The First Ninja has dirty blonde hair though...
    • I thought it was brown...
  • Somewhat Jossed in the "The Ninja Supremacy" as the Nomicon said somewhere along the lines of the ninja being the pure of heart and brave beyond reason.
  • So far, the only one with red hair is Mac Antfee. We see a guy with red hair running around, implied to have given Randy the Nomicon, but it hasn't been made clear if he's a previous ninja or not. And it's quite clear he intended for Randy to have it, considering he put it in Randy's bedroom.

McFist and Mac Antfee were once friends like Randy and Howard, but they fell apart because Mac Antfee NNS'd on McFist one too many times.
Let's face it. Mac Antfee was the ninja of '85, McFist was the founding father of the Stache Society of '85 and was also a student in Norrisville High back in '85. Seems to me that Mac Antfee and McFist were once best friends like Randy and Howard ... but their friendship fell apart when Mac NNS'd on McFist one too many times which caused McFist to slowly hate the ninja like he did today. Technically, McFist didn't start hating the ninja because the Sorcerer offered him a reward if he did destroy the ninja, he had always hated the ninja since his friendship with Mac Antfee fell apart.
  • That could be where the "A ninja can't have friends" moral came from... Especially since it's obvious the first Ninja didn't follow that rule, what with his Squire Plop Plop.

The Sorceror is a cultist of Nurgle who gained his corrupting powers as a gift from said god.
  • He is a sickly green (the color most associated with Nurgle) and looks like a rotting corpse. He can corrupt people in despair, the emotion that feeds Nurgle, and said corruption results in gross and horrible physical mutations.
    • Actually, it was revealed in Julian's Birthday Surprise that he found a magical ball... I guess it could still be true, but still...
    • What does that make the Tengu Demon? A fallen Lord of Change? A Fury?

McFist has been embezzling money from McFist Industries
  • Since the company actually belongs to his brother, who doesn't seem to care much about business, it was too much of a temptation.
    • I don't know... I always felt that the company was very important to Mc Fist...

Terry's father set limits on how he can use the inheritance
  • Rather than just selling McFist Industries or signing over the company to his brother with a document that doesn't need to be yearly renewed and can be terminated whenever Terry desires, Terry can only sign over yearly. That's probably some clause their father added to his will out of fear Terry would destroy the McFist legacy.

McFist was a past ninja
  • He lost his arm during a battle and his parents made up some cover story he himself started believing after he lost his memories of being the Ninja. The sorcerer knows this but Pragmatic Villainy tells he gains nothing from destroying a former enemy who doesn't even remember being his enemy and he enjoys the Irony. Once the sorcerer is free, something will make McFist remember and then he'll help Randy.
    • It's implied that he lost his arm to a conveyer belt though. And it's heavily implied that everyone, including the Sorcerer, doesn't know that the Ninja is replaced every four years.

Something happened to the First Ninja's squire
  • Despite what the Nomicon says about friends, we discover the First Ninja had a squire and friend, Plop Plop (who was a counterpart to Howard.) Something may have happened to him and it devastated the First Ninja so much that he recommended the solo path to spare others the pain of losing a friend. Considering he lost his fellow clanbrothers, Plop Plop was all he had left.
    • Alternatively, it could just be... Well, any Ninja. After all, additional knowledge is added to the Nomicon by past Ninjas, so that bit of advice may not have been from the First Ninja himself. In fact, imagine if that knowledge wasn't from the first Ninja. Imagine how many Ninjas followed that piece of "wisdom", thinking it's the best path for a Ninja, not knowing that the first Ninja did not isolate himself and that it's actually a bad decision (isolating yourself from people is generally not good for mental stability).

Howard Weinerman is the reason people started naming boys "Howard"
  • In the past, Plop Plop said Howard was a girl name and, after how Howard helped the two Ninjas to defeat the Sorcerer, would name his daughters "Howard". However, he never had a daughter so he named a son Howard and spreaded the word about the heroic boy who "previously" had that "girly" name.
    • This theory is so honkin' bruce. Theory accepted as canon.

Principal Slimovitz will lose his job
  • It'll be his punishment for using school funds to fix his car and/or for ignoring the two students deserting the group during a field trip in favor of keeping an eye on the tattletale who reported them to him.
    • But he also led students against the Sorcerer in an alternate universe and taught them how to survive. Sure, no one remembers, but I'm pretty sure his job is safe. Plus, in the first episode, he was trying to get Bash to stop bullying.
      • And Marci will goad McFist into pulling strings to get Slimovitz fired for punishing Bash.
  • He actually did get fired, but it was because Randy and Howard pulled a prank on him and he figured it was someone trying to sabotage their school.
Hannibal McFist's father knew what kind of person Hannibal would grow up to be
  • He believed Terry was no businessman and yet he didn't name Hannibal as his heir.
    • Could just be that favouritism.
    • Or the company being around for a while and it being tradition for the first born to inherit.

NomiRandy will find a way out of the Nomicon and be a villain at some point in Season 2.
  • Season 2 seems to be focusing on non-monstrous Evil Counterpart or Shadow Archetype versions of characters we know (Evil Julian and the Sorceror's Orbs in general are pointing this way) and NomiRandy did have that little line about liking it outside the book that indicates he might actually be an independent entity of some sort rather than wholly dependent on the Nomicon. If his consciousness is still in there, one of the magic-using characters could probably find a way to get him out (or he could corrupt the Nomicon or something).

We'll meet other past!Ninjas' later on
  • Well, actually, probably not, but it'd be so honkin' bruce, don't you agree? Besides, we know Randy's going to be the ninja to face off the Sorcerer... But that doesn't mean he can't get a little assistance from some people who've walked a mile in his shoes! ... Or rather, whose shoes Randy is currently walking in, though they don't know it, because of the Ultimate Lesson.
    • Although, using past!Ninjas to assist taking down the Sorcerer would strengthen the reasoning for why students are chosen, rather than people who will hang around a high school for a long period of time, such as a teacher. After all, you get more people trained as ninjas if they're swapped every four years, as opposed to someone swapped every, let's say, twenty.

At some point, there will be an episode featuring a Stanked!Randy
  • Either Randy as himself or as the Ninja will be stanked in a future episode.
    • Preferably as the Ninja, of course.
    • If it happens as Randy, that'll lead McFist and the Sorcerer to find out he's the Ninja.

Nomi!Randy is actually the combined personality of all previous Ninjas
  • Or rather, the little "bad" that leaked into the Nomicon during the brain upload, such as the desire not to let go of their status as the Ninja. Sure, they all willingly went with it (apart from Ninja '85), but they would have preferred not to. Besides, Mac Antfee became a much nicer person after forgetting he was the Ninja... Now was it really because he'd forgotten he was the Ninja and thus lost all frustrations and anger... Or did the Ninjanomicon remove the emotions with the memories and have it stored somewhere inside itself...?

The ability to grow bodily hairs at fast rates (and possibly even make it grow in reverse) was developed by the Ninja that was around during or shortly after the foundation the Norrisville High Mustache Society
  • I mean, I guess the ability might be useful if you want to disguise yourself... But really, this is a far better explanation for why anyone would need this ability. You could argue that this is a pretty dumb reason to develope such a power, but then again, past!Ninjas were also teenagers of a wide variety of personalities.
    • Since the Mustache Society was founded in '85, Mac Antfee's run or when he had his Ninja abilities taken away (possibly both), it could be the Ninja immediately after Mac Antfee or Mac Antfee himself that developed the ability.
      • It couldn't have been Mac Antfee, as the Nomicon only gets the newly gained knowledge (including skills) from Ninjas in the Ultimate Lesson. As Mac Antfee didn't do the Ultimate Lesson until Enter the Nomicon, any skills he developed while he was the Ninja wouldn't have been uploaded until then. Meaning that if he developed the skill, Randy wouldn't have been able to learn it, as the knowledge hadn't been put into the Ninjanomicon. According to this WMG, it has to have been the Ninja after Mac Antfee.
      • Mac Antfee left a note about the frozen monster so there's no telling what else he left.

The Ninja doesn't have to be male
  • After all, the next Ninja has to have a pure heart. Not an XY chromosome. Of course, there is no evidence to support this, as we've only met two other characters that were the Ninja, and that's the first Ninja and the Ninja of '85. Of course, you'll notice that those two have notably different body types to Randy, and if no one's noticed how different the Ninja looks over the ages, then who'd notice if an androgynous or definitely female body was slipped into the mix...?
    • Debbie Kang hasn't excluded women from being potential Ninjas, so that could support the theory actually.
      • Or just be a sign that she doesn't know if the Ninja choosing has any basis on gender.
    • Perhaps the Ninja that developed the hair growing technique was female and developed it so she could pretend to be a guy? It's possible! The Ninja is always referred to as a "he" and never a "she", so a female Ninja may not be that careful with her secret identity, as no one would suspect a girl being the Ninja! Until someone has evidence that the Ninja might be female and everyone's looking at you, because you haven't been cautious enough with your identity, so if the Ninja proves to be a girl, they'll immediately know who it is: you. So the Ninja developed the skill, so that no one would suspect her! After all, no woman has a full-grown beard (apart from the circus freak).
    • People usually expect the Ninja to be male because the first one is male.

There have been a total of 200 Ninjas, including Randy
  • A rough estimate. Pure maths. If a Ninja is swapped every four years, over the course of 800 years...
    • But nobody knows exactly how many years has passed. They just know it's roughly 800 years...
    • Also, nobody knows who came up with the Ninja being swapped every four years. We can probably assume that the First Ninja wasn't around for just that short time period, but much longer (although, not so long to actually have become an old man, as we see him give up his mask for future ninjas and he's still looking pretty good).
    • Also who said all the Ninjas completed their four years? How do you that none died prematurely??
    • Mac Antfee did say he was the Ninja for 5 or 6 years in Enter the Nomicon.

The Ninjanomicon takes on the personality of the current Ninja
  • The Ninjanomicon takes on the personality or some of the personality aspects of whoever is the Ninja. It takes a while, so it's set to "default", until a firm connection has been reestablished between the Ninja and the Nomicon. This is why, at first, the Ninjanomicon doesn't speak at all, but starts (or at least seems) to in later episodes, using Randy's voice (although, the first time we "hear" it, is when it's getting rid of Ninja of '85, in which it was using the First Ninja's voice). The "default" setting is using all remaining personality fragments of past Ninjas. The fragments continue to influence the Nomicon, even when the current Ninja's personality becomes the "dominant" personality in the Nomicon, as those will last through the ages, while most of the "dominant" personality will eventually become fragments.
    • Perhaps the Nomicon is dominantly whoever was the previous Ninja and slowly becomes the new one... Meaning that the previous Ninja was silent. We know that the previous Ninja wouldn't have done a meet-and-greet session with the students of Norrisville, so it's very possible...

McFist will betray the Sorcerer
The Sorcerer will either Stank Marci, or she will get hurt by one of his Stanked minions. Since Hannibal loves her, that would make him do a temporary truce with the Ninja to defeat the Sorcerer. After that, he will either pull a Heel–Face Turn or become a neutral force. Since Viceroy has demonstrated how malicious he is compared to Hannibal on multiple occasions, he will take over as the Big Bad.
  • I somehow doubt this will be the case. Viceroy has struck more truces with the Ninja than Hannibal, so I simply don't see him as a potential archnemesis. On the other hand though, Marci is very important to Mc Fist, so a Heel–Face Turn could occur, should Marci ever be stanked.
  • He'll try to consult the Ninjanomicon and, upon the book's initial refusal to open for him, will say "Book, I haven't read you and you haven't read me, but..."

The evil Julian created by the Sorcerer Orb will figure out the Ninja's identity almost immediately.
Assuming he meets the Sorceress in the Land of Shadows, she would likely be able to tell that he was influenced by one of the orbs and tell him about them, and if he retains his normal form's memories (I don't see why he wouldn't), he'd remember that Randy was the one who 'gave' it to him. Even if he doesn't meet her, the fact that Howard was willing to trade the orb for the Ninja and specifically tricked Julian out of it would make him suspicious of Howard, but he knows he's not the ninja - and who's the only person Howard is seen with regularly? Not to mention that Randy having something so powerful and obviously trying to protect it/knowing what it does would be grounds for suspicion anyway.
  • Well, it didn't happen that way, but it's implied Shadow!Julian has figured out who the Ninja is at the end of Snow Klahoma!. It's actually pretty worrying, since Randy is none the wiser... Then again, it's not clear what Shadow!Julian has figured out. So it might not be that bad...?

Not everyone believes that the Ninja is 800 years old
The title intro claims that no one knows that every four years, the Ninja is replaced by a new Ninja. So it's generally assumed that everyone in the city thinks the Ninja is an 800 year old guy. But in recent episodes, I feel that this isn't something that everyone believes, if they do at all.
  • The Ninja of 2005 destroyed that belief with the kind of Suspiciously Specific Denial he delivered whenever he expressed hope that certain people (like a then six-year-old Randy) never become the Ninja.
  • One episode will feature a character who, under the belief the Ninja is that old, will try to steal the secret of his "eternal youth".

Randy will be the last Ninja
In "Randy Cunningham and the Sorcerer's Key", it's predicted there'll be a final battle between him and the Sorcerer. Once the Sorcerer is defeated for good, the Ninja will no longer be needed and the suit will deactivate.
  • It doesn't deactivate after the Sorcerer loses. The Creep, the man who gives the Ninjanomicon to new ninja, as well as being the school bus driver says that the greatest threat has yet to come, which I hazard to believe is... (Look down below)

Mac Antfee will remember he used to be the Ninja
The Sorcerer will turn Randy into a monster and Howard, not wanting to wear the Ninja suit again, will shove the Ninjanomicon at Mac's face. Once Mac Antfee gets the Ninja suit and memories back, he'll save the day and willingly return the suit to Randy. Alternatively, Howard will call back the Ninja of 2005 once the Ninjanomicon tells him that Ninja's identity just to see that one's face once he learns that, against his hopes, Randy did become the Ninja.

McFist planned the events of "Brolateral Damage".
Knowing the Ninja's curiosity wouldn't let him ignore the comment about Operation BBD or perhaps intentionally commenting it so the Ninja would hear, McFist expected the Ninja to mess up and make Bash vulnerable enough to be stanked. Either Bash would destroy the Ninja or the Ninja would destroy Bash and Marci wouldn't blame McFist.

The First Ninja is still alive.
It's revealed in "Aplopalypse Now" that Plop Plop somehow made it to present time. If he could, why not the First Ninja?

Season 3 will feature the Sorceress and a Greater-Scope Villain
We've seen that its fairly easy to exit the Land of Shadows, meaning that the Sorceress could return again, but this time, she's working under someone. Who is this someone? The originator of the Chaos Pearls, and perhaps by extension, the ruler of the Land of Shadows.


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