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Fridge Horror

  • McFist still has the recording of Randy's voice since Nukid on the Block. Who knows if he'll use it again in a future episode!
    • Not only that, he now knows the ninja's natural hair color since Secret Stache, that hair color being purple. It won't be long before McFist plans on capturing a certain teenager that has natural purple hair.
      • This is when someone says "But it's just a kid's show, they wouldn't remember something like that". BUT many are clearly trying to go beyond the "It's just a kid's show" fanfare now...
  • Mrs. McFist. She's fully aware of how much of a Corrupt Corporate Executive her husband is. She has either married evil men before, or there's way more to her than meets the eye. Add Bash's Jerkass behavior to the mix. Child abuse is often one of the causes of a child being a bully. It makes you wonder what his birth father or his mother were like off-screen.
    • Then again, Bash seems pretty dumb and spoilt, so he may just be a child brought up wrong...
    • I always interpreted Mrs. McFist as not caring that her husband does "bad", as long as he keeps the good name of his company and doesn't do anything particularly evil... I mean, killing a hero, OK, yeah, but all villains do that, so...
  • What if Randy hadn't figured out that neat alternative for destanking someone in "True Bromance"? I'm not saying anything, but when the price of keeping the Sorcerer imprisoned is your best friend's life...
  • While Randy was able to prove he wasn't the Ninja to his classmates in Debbie Meddle, he didn't convince McFist and Viceroy.
  • The Sorceress has been trapped in the Land of Shadows. This is the second time. It took eight hundred years for her to find/figure the way out. She now knows. How long until she escapes again?
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  • A major plot point of the second season is Julian being trapped in the Land of Shadows while his evil twin runs rampant in Norrisville. While Evil Julian does impersonate him for a short time, he eventually goes into hiding and it isn't until the very end of the series that the real Julian is brought back. The really disturbing realization of this is that for days, possibly weeks, nobody, not even his parents, apparently knew that Julian had gone missing.
Fridge Logic
  • When Randy and Howard went to McFist's movie theater to watch Grave Puncher: The Movie in 6D, they had to sneak in because all tickets had already been sold and yet they managed to find seats.
    • It could be that a couple of people bought tickets and couldn't make it for some reason or other. The tickets wouldn't be available, but the seats would be.
  • Soooooo does everyone just assume the Ninja's been the same guy for 800 years? The Sorceress said that "800 years has done little to diminish your strength," so I would think so. But that seems a little ridiculous. I mean, McFist is trying to find out who the Ninja actually is, right? So he knows he's just a regular guy, and not some supernatural force or anything. What gives?
    • Well as the Sorceress had only just escaped after 800 years of imprisonment, its safe to say she may have missed out on a few updates. As for McFist, while there indeed keeping the idea of the Ninja having a secret identity open, that doesn't automatically mean he's a different person to the first Ninja, from there perspective he could easily be pulling a highlander and giving himself a new identity every couple of decades. After all, the Ninja's secrets, are just that secret. And is immortality any more unrealistic than any of his other powers?
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    • To be fair, the First Ninja's squire Plop Plop made it to the 21st century.
Fridge Brilliance
  • Waaaaay back when McFist first began to attack the Ninja, after the whole incident was over Randy was disgusted over how his so-called idol was a villain, and yet he still wanted to buy all of the McFist Industries products. This actually gives him a bit of cover, since apparently everyone loves the company, it would raise suspicion if there was even one person who had no interest in it or outright loathing.
    • That, and two guys not buying his products wouldn't make a difference financially anyway.
      • Although, it'd probably make them feel better about themselves if they did.

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