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Recap / American Dragon Jake Long S 02 E 1 Bring It On

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  • Becoming the Mask: Trixie was supposed to only pretend she was interested in joining the cheerleader squad. But she gets so caught up in finding common ground with them that she forgets why she's undercover in the first place.
  • Continuity Nod: The end credits gag has Rotwood make one to "Professor Rotwood's Thesis".
    Rotwood: Hello, mother. It's your favorite son. You know, Hans. Anyway, listen. I'm in jail...again. But not for mistaking a student for a dragon and locking him in the back of a truck like last time.
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  • Easily Forgiven: Despite getting caught up in the cheerleaders, Jake and Spud unconditionally forgive Trixie.
  • Fatal Flaw: The Gorgon Sisters are so caught up in bickering with one another that Trixie uses this against them and works them up into a fight that turns themselves into stone.
  • Kick the Dog: As part of the cheerleaders' initiation, Trixie tells off Spud about how childish he is.
  • The Stinger: Starting with this episode, all episodes contain one final gag during the end credits. This one consists of Rotwood calling his mother from jail to ask for bail money.
  • What the Hell, Hero?: Jake gives one to Trixie after she goes too far in joining the cheerleaders.

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