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"For those of you under the age of 21, it's basically a big CD, okay?"
Craig Shoemaker

"Yes, yes, yes! You sound like a broken mp3!"
Professor Farnsworth, Futurama

"We'll find the Bald Beaver the way our ancestors did! By using Google Maps."
Puff-Puff Humbert, Your Favorite Martian: The Series

"Chandler, this is a compact disc, this is how adults used to listen to music a long time ago...I know it's very inefficient..."
Chris Hardwick, Talking Dead

"An old tape machine is here." I cannot wait for all the small children that are going to watch this video and ask dad on the comments "what the heck is that?"

Jason: What are you doing?
Andy: Oh, I was cleaning out the closet and I came across a box of my old records.
Jason: What are they?
Andy: Well, let's see... The Beatles... Fleetwood Mac... Joni Mitchell... Here's an early Elton John...
Andy: (sigh)
Jason: I meant, What Are Records??
Andy: You know, I was about to say seeing these made me feel young again.
— A conversation between perenially ten-year-old Jason and his eternally 44-year-old mother Andrea, Foxtrot

Jason: Please can I go? Please can I go? Please can I go?
Andy: Jason, knock it off. You sound like a broken record.
Jason: A what?
Andy: A broken record.
Jason: I don't know what that is.
Andy: Like a tape with its ends spliced together.
Jason: A what?
Andy: Like a CD track on repeat.
Jason: A what?
Andy: You know what, never mind.
Jason: Oh wait... Do you mean like a wav file with the decoder's loop flag set to "true"?
Andy: A what?
— The same people, 6/4/2017

Sanae: Please don't group me with the kind of people who call Playstations "Famicoms" all the time!
Usami: What's a Famicom?

Usami: Ah, this isn't going to steal your soul or anything.
Sanae: I'm not from that long ago! I even know that digital cameras don't use film!
Usami: What's film?
Saikin no JK ni Arekoreya wo Kiku (Asking This and That from a Modern High School Girl, a Touhou Project doujin)

It's as basic as it gets. You're a paperboy, riding a bike, with one goal: deliver newspapers to the subscribers. For those who remember it, there's nothing more to explain, but for the younger gamers today, you're probably scratching your heads... maybe not, but if so, I'll clear it up, okay? A newspaper is a publication issued at regular intervals - usually daily or weekly - and contains news, politics, sports, business, finance, advertisements, comics, etc. And they were printed on paper! It was fuckin' crazy!


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