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Quotes / Tampering with Food and Drink

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Beatrice: Where is the girl? I made her coffee?
BoJack: Jesus, you and your coffee... Wait. (realization) No... What did you put in this?!
Beatrice: It's an old family secret.
(BoJack takes out her coffee bag, which is hiding a container of amphetamine pills)
BoJack: "Chub-B-Gone"?
Beatrice: Take the pounds right off.
BoJack: This whole time...!
Beatrice: Just until she learned to take it herself.
BoJack Horseman, "lovin' that cali lifestyle!!"

Guy A: The drums of war are beating. No man can be trusted.
[Dorcas suddenly drops dead]
Guy B: What happened to Dorcas?
Guy A: I put poison in his mutton.
[everybody laughs]
U.S. commercial for Fire Emblem: The Blazing Blade

This particular [wine] was from the outskirts of Nok, the grapes grown there tinkered with over the centuries so that they would pair well with the taste of antidote. It was something of a faux pas among the nobility to serve wine wherein one could taste one’s precautions.

It's too late. It was already in the glass, not in the jar.
Mags Bennett, Justified

Do you like my cookies?
They're made just for you.
A little bit of sugar.
With lots of poison too.
Melanie Martinez, "Milk and Cookies"

"You know, if the cook is a killer then you're all pretty fucked."
Ramon, The Head (2020)

...When I gave consideration
To this letter they convey,
I decided if there weren't
Any Shogun to receive it,
It would act as a deterrent
Since they'd have no place to leave it,
And they might go away, my lord.
Do you see what I say, my lord?

In the tea, my lord, the chrysanthemum tea,
An informal variation on the normal recipe.
Though I know my plan had merit,
It's been slow in execution.
If there's one thing you inherit,
It's your father's constitution,
And you're taking so long, my lord...
Do you think I was wrong, my lord?
No, you must let me speak,
When the Shogun is weak,
Then the tea must be strong, my lord...
Shogun's Mother, Pacific Overtures, "Chrysanthemum Tea"


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