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"Tiny, but fierce."

Courage comes in all sizes.
General Martok, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine

Small, swift and formidable, like a very angry vole
Phorcyd-class Corvette description, Sunless Sea

It took two weeks of getting my ass whipped regularly by a five-foot-tall woman who could (and did) break every bone in my hand for calling her "little lady" before I even began to catch on.
Vampire: The Masquerade - Clanbook: Lasombra

Dalek: Small female human detected.
Ace: Who are you callin' small?! (whips out charged baseball bat and clobbers Dalek into pieces)

There's a dwarfish saying: 'All trees are felled at ground-level' — although this is said to be an excessively bowdlerized translation for a saw which more literally means, 'When his hands are higher than your head, his groin is level with your teeth'.
Terry Pratchett, Feet of Clay

[Liev] was smaller than most of the crew. She wondered how he exerted his authority - until she saw the shrewd glint in his eye, even now, that said here was the master of the unsporting kick and the kidney punch. She felt glad of the stunner now concealed in her palm.

"I may be just a pebble but... I'm the pebble that can shatter diamond!"
Asta, Black Clover

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