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Horner: Overthrowing Mengsk is just the start. This is about building a better tomorrow! Don't you see? We just released every scientist, philosopher and free thinker that ever challenged Mengsk's rule. That was our real victory today.
Tosh: [throws his knife at Horner's desk to silence him] You really that naive? Tomorrow there'll be a new Mengsk, and another one after that. Your great shining dream of the future is just an illusion.
Raynor: So if it's all so bleak, why are you here, Tosh? What do you get out of all this?
Tosh: Same thing as you, brother! I don't quit till Mengsk is dead.
Horner: Vengeance doesn't factor into this. Our revolution's about freedom!
Raynor: You'll see that better future, Matt... [turns towards Tosh] ...but it ain't for the likes of us.
Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty, "A Better Tomorrow"

"Anarchy wears two faces, both creator and destroyer. Thus destroyers topple empires; make a canvas of clean rubble where creators then can build another world. Rubble, once achieved, makes further ruins' means irrelevant. Away with our explosives, then! Away with our destroyers! They have no place within our better world."

Galmar Stone-Fist: Your words give voice to what we all feel, Ulfric. And that's why you will be High King. But the day words are enough, will be the day when soldiers like us are no longer needed.
Ulfric Stormcloak: I would gladly retire from the world were such a day to dawn.

Claudia: Why do you cling to this corrupt world? You know that only God can save us!
Heather: And save you too? Happy ending? I'd rather go to Hell.
Claudia: No. I don't expect to be saved. And that's fine. Alessa, my dearest...for the pain that I've caused you, I deserve no mercy. Even if it was to save mankind, it was too deep a sin. It was hubris of me to try to hasten the day of Her arrival. Sacrifices were made, and those are my sins.

"I don't care if I go to hell as long as the people I serve will live in paradise."
Rodrigo Duterte, 16th President of the Philippines

Daphnes: Farewell... This is the only world that your ancestors were able to leave you. Please... forgive us.
Zelda: W-Wait! You could... You could come with us! Yes, of course... We have a ship! We can find it. We WILL find it! The land that will be the next Hyrule! So...
Daphnes: ... [smiles] Ah, but child... That land will not be Hyrule. It will be YOUR land!

Sorlie: The end doesn't justify the means.
Mako: It necessitates the means, but it can't ever redeem people like me from the means we've employed. Not even if we save the world.
Sorlie: You've had this argument before.
Mako: In another body. I'm a real monster, Sorlie.

"It is the great irony of the Legiones Astartes. Engineered to kill to achieve a victory of peace that they can then be no part of."
Roboute Guilliman, Know No Fear

"In the mirrors of the many judgments, my hands are the color of blood. I sometimes fancy myself an evil which exists to oppose other evils; and on that great Day of which the prophets speak but in which they do not truly believe, on the day the world is utterly cleansed of evil, then I too will go down into darkness, swallowing curses. Until then, I will not wash my hands nor let them hang useless."
Corwin of Amber, The Chronicles of Amber

"In order to become a god... I'll even throw away my soul."
Light Yagami, Death Note

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