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Quotes / Narrowed It Down to the Guy I Recognize

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Daniel: Watch it, Jack. He killed Mozart!
Slater: In a movie?
Daniel: Amadeus! It won eight Oscars!
Last Action Hero, after a meeting with John Practice (F. Murray Abraham)

Ray: That's the guy who did it.
Fraser: How do you know?
Ray: He looks like, um... that actor.
Fraser: What actor?
Ray: Well, you know how on Barnaby Jones, you can always tell the bad guy because he's played by that actor that you see a lot?
Fraser: Yes?
Ray: He looks like that actor. Trust me. They haven't been able to fool me once.
Due South, "They Eat Horses, Don't They?"

If you don’t see the twist coming after the first third of the movie there is something seriously wrong with you. Sh*t, I’m being too generous. If you don’t guess by the poster there is something wrong with you.

"You mean the recognizable character actor with one brief scene before this was the bad guy? What a surprise!"
Film Brain, Bad Movie Beatdown of The Riddle

Roger: Looks like we have a celebrity guest star.
Steve: So?
Roger: So, according to Murder, She Wrote, the celebrity guest is always the one who done it.
Steve: You just ruined every Murder, She Wrote I haven't seen.
American Dad!, "Manhattan Magical Murder Mystery Tour"

"Alicia Silverstone playing a pretty reporter in a Scooby-Doo movie for seemingly no reason at all? Who else could it possibly be?"


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