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Poor little rich boy, all couples have gone.
You wish that they hadn't; you don't wanna be alone,
but they wanna kiss, and they got homes of their own.
Poor little rich boy, all couples have gone, have gone, have gone.
Regina Spektor, "Poor Little Rich Boy"

Remember, Bob, that money can't buy happiness. But it can buy expensive possesions that make other people envious and feel just as good. And you can pay to have other people whacked.

"I was a rich, only child who got anything I wanted... as long as I behaved... and sat still... and didn't speak unless spoken to..."

"One day, you're gonna look around, and you're gonna realize that everybody loves you! But nobody likes you. And that is the loneliest feeling in the world."
BoJack, BoJack Horseman

"You're such a lucky girl," that's what they always say
Rich and beautiful and bright
They don't get to see what's hidden deep inside
So, I feel all alone

Rich Girl: Father, may any of those children be allowed in to play?
Rich Man: No dear, for the hundredth time no, they are wretched and poor.
Rich Girl: What makes them poor, father?
Rich Man: They are made poor, my child, by the fact that, unlike you, they have nothing.
Rich Girl: They have one thing I do not.
Rich Man: What would that be?
Rich Girl: They have other children. Friends.

He got everything he want
But everything he need money don’t buy
Now if that ain’t blues I’ll say listen, oh
They look at you
All they see is dollar sign
Now if that ain’t blues I’ll say listen
A rich shade of blue


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