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"What is this place, filled with so many wonders?
Casting its spell, which I am now under?
Squirrels in the trees, and the cute little bunnies...
Birds flying free, and bees with their honey... honnnneeeeyyyyyyyy...
Oh, what a magical place!
And I owe it all to the pegasus race!
If I knew that the ground had so much up its sleeve,
I'd have come here sooner, and never leave!
Yes, I love everythiiiiiiiing!"

You two made too much noise. You scared the birds away.

How can I be happy if I know someone else is sad?
Mabel, Gravity Falls

A good Hunter is liked by animals.
Kaito, Hunter × Hunter

no matter the struggles or hardships you faced... you strived to do the right thing. you refused to hurt anyone. even when you ran away, you did it with a smile. you never gained LOVE, but you gained love.
— Sans on a Pacifist Run, Undertale

It's okay little bee. I just need a bit. We're not trying to win.

Life thrives in your presence. Something about your vibrant soul stirs the life-force in plants, animals and your fellow human beings. In your hands, flowers bloom, children laugh and sickly beings revive. Animals favour you, and any crop you plant will prosper. You're a natural healer, a friend to farmers, and a lover of all things sensual and alive. Cruelty and waste are abhorrent to you - you might occasionally heal even enemies if they seem to have some chance of redemption.
—Merit: The Spark of Life, Mage: The Dark Ages - The Sorcerer’s Crusade Companion

You go out to the barn and you'll see this little, short black girl in overalls and boots with her arm halfway down the throat of a wolf that could just bite it right off. And she'll be smiling and acting like it's no big deal. And the wolf will be just standing there, looking like he's trying to earn a gold star for being the best little boy in school.
Marco talking about Cassie, Animorphs #5


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