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Fortune Teller: Your destiny — this is incredible — you will be involved, in a great battle, a conflict between the forces of good and evil, a battle which outcome will determine the fate of the whole world!
Aang: Yeah, yeah, I knew that already.

Merle: You'll probably see [Pan] before I do, you are jumping off the side of a base!
Taako: No, it's fine! I've got magic powers! (leaps off and casts Levitate on himself)
Magnus: (to Merle) ...was that supposed to be a big reveal? Like, we... We know that!
Merle: I think he was slamming me.
Magnus: Oh, okay. I thought he was just telling us he's a wizard for the first time.
Taako: (from a distance) It works both ways!

Fujiwara: There's no way you could refuse an invitation from Tsubame-senpai...
Ishigami: (Nervous) What do you mean? No way I could refuse...?
Fujiwara: Everyone here knows that you like her.
Ishigami: Are you serious?!!
Miko: Yes
Shirogane: Well... yeah
Kaguya: (Sleeping) Mhmmm

Bitty: okay. Okay! [ahem] ...So! Me and Jack are dating!
[Beat Panel]
Shitty: [pulling out a notepad] All right, so it looks like everyone owes Lards since it's before winter break.

Loreli drew herself up. She had hoped to avoid this; friendly though she may have become with the Navigators over the last few weeks, their Guilds were still supporting a false Emperor. Once they knew who she was, they wouldn't be wrong to see her as an enemy. "It is my presence that is required," she announced. "A Great Elder is at large, and I must destroy him once more. For I am Loreli, Regent of the West and first of the Luminian Order."
Captain Marstrom gave an awkward cough. "...yes, madam, we know."
She turned a confused look from him to his crew, none of whom met her eyes.
"We weren't certain at first. Your appearance is famous, but it's copied so often as to be commonplace. But with the way you behaved, and the sword... I think we all agreed the first night after dinner."
There was a murmur of agreement among the rest of the crew.
Her face was growing hot, and she tried hard not to show any reaction.
Even Terrens spoke up. "We all just saw you shoot a beam of light through the water. That was brighter than any Pilgrim I've ever seen."
A few other crewmen nodded.
Loreli's shoulders slumped, and she felt a little energy drain from her. She had been so certain that they wouldn't guess...
The Elder Empire: Of Killers and Kings


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