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Haqua: The age of barbarism has ended. We demons are rational, intelligent creatures!
[cut to Elsie fangirling over fire engines]

Ben: ... while we're out here in the freezing cold, Governor Ratcliffe sits there up in his tent, happy as a clown!
[cut to Ratcliffe panicking over not finding the gold he was looking for]
Governor Ratcliffe: I'm doomed!

Britta: Here's the thing about women, Jeff. We don't hack and slash our way through life, because we're one with life.
[cut to Annie and Shirley in the blacksmith's house]
Annie: Help me hide the body!

Quick, someone say "I bet [Billie]'s totally on her way here right now," and then we can like Jump Cut to her snoring in bed.
Walky, Dumbing of Age

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