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"Alright, shake it off, that's the last time we're going to scare you. On an unrelated note, there's something we forgot to tell you: Last year's TF2 Halloween Update scared you so bad that you died and are a ghost. Also, what's that behind you? Oh, it's just someone drinking a bottle of sparkling water. Oh wait it's a skeleton! [sound of creaking door]"

But, sadly, the ending isn't over. They could've ended it there, but no. They had to make it more depressing. ...Oh, happy ending, right? WRONG!
Cloud8745 on the ending to Gregory Horror Show's tie-in video game

"This month, Batiuk took to the page to chronicle a few things that, if you weren’t familiar with how this strip actually worked, would seem to be a few of life’s happier moments: There’s a marriage for Wally and Rachel, a trip out west for Les to work on the movie based on his most successful book [...] If, however you are familiar with how this strip works, then you’ll know that this is all pretty much just setup for misery, hatred, and the actual wrath of God Himself. In other words, it’s business as usual in Westview."

"Goddamn you, Claudio Fragasso. It's always nice when you have a movie that's so awful that admittedly it's downright hilarious, and you just tack on a downbeat, "fuck you" of an ending. Claudio Fragasso is good at doing that kind of thing. Claudio is credited as co-writer on a lot of the more popular Bruno Mattei films, and for some reason this guy just loves getting dark and dreary in the last 2-minutes of otherwise campy nonsense, like the eye-buggery in Hell of the Living Dead or the rat people in Rats. It's like he's making sure that even if you like his scripted movies - or in Troll 2's case his directed movies - even if you like them, you're still leaving this theatre unhappy."


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