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"Am I in an M. Night Shyamalan movie? Does M-Dog have a cameo as the prison warden who just happens to be Indian?"
Stan Smith, American Dad!

"I had long hair like QG and kinda the same build, so it worked. I had to take some Jedi lightsaber training as well... [Kevin and I] used to practice the scenes at his house in the driveway! All the neighbors would stare at us."
John Popadiuk on playing Qui-Gon Jinn in Star Wars Episode Inote 

"I like his films, except for that nervous fella who's always in them."

"The owner of Survival, Richie Acunto (File: “ACUNTo” under last names I wish I had), was the star of the commercial. I wish I knew that as a kid, because I always wondered why in the hell they cast him to be the “hot picky hitchhiker.” I mean, dude should take what he can get! If a methed-out trucker with the license plate SRLKLLR offered him a ride, he should be thankful that at least somebody pulled over for his ass. And the chick in the commercial is hot and rich, so why would she get all horny for him? Those are the questions that kept me awake as a teenager."
—'''Michael K. on Survival Car Insurance

"Hey! I'm Stan Lee doing my subtle cameo!" [a giant neon sign saying "Stan Lee Cameo" appears as he begins dancing]


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