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Quotes About Cliffhangers

Every single chapter of those books had to end with a cliffhanger. It was the law. A chapter would finish with "Tash stepped off the spaceship and heard a blood-curdling scream!" Then you'd read the next chapter and it would say "But apparently it was just a bird."
Daniel Wallace on the Galaxy of Fear series

I must object to the false jeopardy and melodramatic suspense at the end of every section. This is an informative essay, not a holodrama.
DV-9 grading Tash's homework, Galaxy Of Fear

Is this the tragic end of me?
Or will the sequel set me free?
The Aquabats!, "Stuck In A Movie!"

"The situation's turned critical, and things can't get any worse. And this is how they're ending the episode? Oh, for crying out loud! I hate it when they pull this."
Lina Inverse (narrating), Slayers TRY, episode 9

To be continued...
Grimm, before going on hiatus

Karla: What are we going to do, Captain?
Kremmen: I'm gonna to do what I always do when something desperate and untoward happens. Leave it to next week!
Kremmen of the Star Corps

Ellie: Oh man!
Joel: Hey, what happened to sleeping?
Ellie: Okay, I know it doesn't look like it, but this here is not a bad read. Only one problem. Right there. 'To be continued!' I hate cliffhangers.

"Oh my God, what’s that strange light hanging over the crop circle? It’’’s...the end of the episode!"
Agent Sulky, The X Fools

"That was thrilling, eh? But you see, it's a trick all good authors use, to close a chapter at the ghastliest moment."
Moominpappa, Moominpappa's Memoirs

Believe me, the temptation to cliffhanger there was so real and if YouTube still had a 10 minute time limit I would have definitely gone for it.

Ansem: But this ending, it doesn't have any suspense.
Axel: You want suspense? You want a cliffhanger? Here you go!

"Oh, the scary music means they're getting ready for the classic Friday Night Cliffhanger."
Rogelio, Jane the Virgin

"Do something, Proton!" cried Buster, as the three heroes backed up against the wall. "It's another bloody cliffhanger!"

Black Mesa, original release

Cmdr. Fleggle: Now, you two are spies, and the legal conditions made up by the writer give me the power to have you executed. Guard! Perform the cliff-hanger.
Janyette: (Scream) Doctor, do something!
[Close up of the Doctor's face, as the guard comes towards him with a kerosene heater refill attachment. Roll credits.]
Doctor Who and the Revenge of the Unrealistatrons

"Evan, sometimes a show ends a season with an unfinished moment to bring viewers back in for the next season."
Karen Rooney, Liv and Maddie

"Ever notice how something dramatic seems to happen around here every eight minutes? I can't be the only one noticing this."
Red vs. Blue, most episodes of which are ~8 minutes long

CliffhangerSylvester Stallone finds himself trapped in a Doctor Who fan marathon, and must endure corny cliffhangers every half hour until he can escape.
TrekBBS, "Come up with the most silly Who spin off".


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