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  • Travers manages to track the locator he put on the bag of money before the rest of the crooks. However, he notices it moving around erratically until he eventually reaches it and finds that Gabe put the tracker on a rabbit. Furious, Travers wildly opens fire out of frustration. The rabbit pops back up completely unscathed.
  • Hal trading some Casual Danger Dialogue with one of his captors.
    Hal: Delmar, from me to you, you're an asshole.
    Delmar: Yeah? And you're a loud-mouth punk slag, who's about to die.
    Hal: Maybe. But in a minute I'll be dead, and you, will always be an asshole.
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  • The inevitable wisecrack when Walker has to burn some of the money to survive the night: "It's costing a fortune to heat this place."


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