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  • Crazy Awesome: A good portion of the stunts were shot practically, including that plane-to-plane transfer.
  • Gabe grabbing Kynette by the...unmentionables and chest and impaling him on a large stalactite, awesome!
  • Hal, to the Treasury agents after Qualen's crashed, on top of him. Also a Funny Moment.
    Hal: If you're looking for Mr. Qualen, try about 4,000 feet south of here. He'll be the one wearing the helicopter.
  • Jessie gets a heavily Played With one. In a time when the damsel would stand around and do nothing while the hero would be fighting to save both of their lives, Jessie picks up the discarded a machine gun, tried to kill Kynette, but the gun just uselessly clicks. Kynette with a mouth full of blood stops his No-Holds-Barred Beatdown of Gabe, and quips, "No bullets bitch". Some might assume Jessie accomplished nothing, however Kynette only gets killed after gloating about how after killing Gabe, he will do unmentionable things to Jessie. Maybe Kynette was going to do that regardless, but it is possible Jessie messed him up into a TMI moment or just made him so angry that he wanted horrific vengeance … which got him hoisted by his own petard.
  • A meta-example, but the showdown between Tucker and Delmar has recently been seen in new light given the Retroactive Recognition of the actors who partook in the scene to be later part of the famed Call of Duty video game franchise by voicing iconic characters. That's right, that's Simon "Ghost" Riley duking it out with Mike Harper in that scene, with Harper/Tucker beating Ghost/Delmar by pocketknife (that was used to be owned by the poor soul Ghost/Delmar wasted) then Ghost/Delmar's own shotgun.
    • This scene would reflect on a question made by some fans in the COD game fandom of which COD icon would win in a fight, Ghost or Harper, with the final verdict based on the result of this film scene being: Harper wins! Ghost loses!
    • In addition, this film would later be referenced as a name of a snowy mountain-climbing themed level in Modern Warfare 2 (the game where Ghost (aka Delmar in a skull mask) was born, despite the said character not being featured in the aforementioned level).


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