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"Disregarding form,
You master the endless Tao
—but what of SCIENCE?"

In HERO, a car that turns into a scorpion-tank is a scorpion-tank with a -1/4 limitation for occasionally being a car. And if someone asks you what the point is, well, it's a -1/4 limitation and a better way to blend it into the urban environment.

In Chuubo's, a car that turns into a scorpion-tank is the product of weeks slaving away in your workshop building a monstrosity of deviant science. And if someone asks you what the point is, you look at them blankly. Because it is a car. That transforms. Into a scorpion-tank! If someone asks you why you didn't just build a scorpion-tank, and if that wouldn't have been easier, there is really no recourse for you save to give them a blank stare of incomprehension. The gap between perspectives!

It's just too large!

Playing Chuubo’s Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine is generally considered a better interrogation technique than torture because it fosters camaraderie between interrogator and captive, helps keep the mind flexible and the imagination healthy, breaks down the death-grip of irrational ideological and tribal identification on the part of all participants, and it’s fun for the whole black ops compound!
Footnote from The Glass-Maker's Dragon Campaign

"I, me, I, Leonardo de Montreal, I have plunged myself repeatedly down into the darkest depths of my own primordial psyche and found there — at the tangled root of the spiraling garden of my dreams — a place where the real world and the world of nightmare twist together into a bottle without shape or form and there one may fold through the What is Not into the Is.

I have made my dreams a blueprint for reality.

I have ascended to the throne I have always occupied, in some unknown Heaven; I have discovered myself as God.
And who better? And who else?
There was never one better qualified; no, not among all the scattered stars."
Leonardo de Montreal, Nightmares' Angel, explaining why he drank the last of the milk and did not buy any more.

"If there is one among you who has the courage, come up and join me on this stage.

I will kiss you and I will transform you. I will reach my good right hand into your chest and I will pull out your living heart. I will transform what is left of you into a giant robot, and with that giant robot I will buy us freedom from this dismal reality’s chains.

Do not despair. Do not let the world crush you. We can do this.

All is not lost.

You who were given to and mired in your misery. You who had abandoned hope. Come stand before me. Set aside this prison of your own making and I. will. make. you. good.

Salute! Apocynum!
Salute! Apocynum!"
Jasmine Apocynum, the Ideologue, organizing an escape from detention using a conveniently-placed microphone and stage

"This is my blood. It will change you, if you let it. It will make permeable the barrier between you and the greater world.

I can’t stop it.

It keeps coming from my hands. It is because I am born from my father, and my father slew the throne of God.

I can’t stop it; it is not mine, but rather yours. It is the world’s gift to you, who have lost so much. I am touching it to you. I am marking you with it. I am freeing you. Be no more what you have been; release the grip of the old covenant upon you;

Principal Entropy II, The Angel of Fortitude, christening a new hall monitor at his School

"It does not violate the play contract to attempt to murder the Idol."
Rand Brittain,

"Well, it'snote  typically not Rinley's fault. One cannot definitely rule out any particular instance of Chuubo's ice cream fail somehow being Rinley's fault.
To be fair, one cannot definitely rule out a lot of things somehow being Rinley's fault."
David J. Prokopetz,

Blackwingedheaven: Your name is CHUUBO, and you have MANY HOBBIES, such as BUILDING WISH-GRANTING ENGINES.
Rand Brittain: You would describe yourself as INTENSELY ORDINARY. Occasionally you start to wonder if this is the truth, but whenever you have doubts, the MYSTERIOUS HAND OF FATE is quick to sweep away the EVIDENCE. Nothing makes you happier than your IMMENSE PILE OF COMICS, although you would never describe yourself as a GEEK. In fact, Town has no such cultural construct, regarding scrupulous and obsessive DEVOTION TO HOBBIES as being ORDINARY. Honestly, quite a few of your ECCENTRICITIES have somehow become regarded in Town as being the gold standard for ORDINARINESS. Today you have invited your BEST FRIEND and some of your ALMOST BEST FRIENDS, and at least one person who swears that he is NOT YOUR FRIEND, to play a special game. This game does not yet exist, but soon will, because you will wish for it to do so. This will turn out to be a TERRIBLE IDEA in relatively short order.
— discussion on using CMWGE to play a Homestuck game.

So, there's two ways to look at wish-fulfillment. One is "wishes are immature: they're all about wanting gratification without consequence." It's like when a cynical realist scoffs at an idealist: " yeah," they say, "your ideals are great and all, but this is the real world."

The other way is "wishes are about building something better."

Like when the idealist scoffs at the realist: "yeah," they might say. "Just accepting the way things are and lowering your standards might be 'realistic,' but it's also what KEEPS things the way they are."

And the truth of dreams, love, hope, hearts, wishes, ideals, fantasies, ambitions, purposes, striving, and even creative chaos is—-

It's both. It's always, always both.

We learn realism. Then we learn idealism. Then we have to learn realism again. Then we have to learn idealism again. If you're an idealist, there will always be realists out there whose narrow-minded embrace of the status-quo is something you've grown past, and there will always be realists out there whose wisdom see through your nonsense and overambition. And if you're a realist, there will always be goofy airheaded idealists out there whose starry eyes you've grown past, and there will always be idealists out there who've accepted and seen everything you've accepted and seen but also gone beyond it.

Wishes are bleak when they're bleak. That's all it is. Wishes are bleak when they cut away the sense in the world. They're bleak when they're the idealism that the realist looks down on. They're bleak when the principal lesson you can learn from them is "possibly you need to do less wishing."

And they're Imperial when they're fundamentally reaching for something better—-when maybe they cause a lot of trouble, when maybe "do less wishing" is a big lesson you can learn from them, but when there's a hint of them of the idealism that's grown past realism.
Jenna Moran, on the nature of Wishes, and what makes them Bleak

It does seem like every Chuubo game has a slightly different explanation for why exactly Leonardo's backstory is a pack of lies.

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