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Funny / Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

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  • The examples given for some of the Emotion XP. For example, Chuubo thinks it's logical to wish to be an ice cream because just wishing to have one backfires on him; Leonardo claims to be the heir to the throne of God to excuse finishing the milk and not buying any more; and Edony is just so blasé about being captured by the Russian cyber-mafia...again.
  • Chuubo's 101 example wishes include such gems as "I wish the Headmaster of the Bleak Academy would have a crab stuck on his head" or "I wish seagulls were cooler." (The immediate previous wish to that is "I wish I could turn into a seagull and soar peacefully in the skies," which explains how he got to that situation, but what drove him to believe seagulls were uncool in the first place? Never explained.)
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  • Due to the game's High School A.U. nature of Nobilis, people have noted that even though it's a creepy Academy of Evil, it's pretty amusing that the Bleak Academy is essentially a school for Excrucians, and that its four programs/colleges basically correspond to philosophy majors, engineering majors, sociology majors, and exchange students.
    [...]It is normally the case that before they may go on to join one of the other schools, or for that matter undertake an advanced study in the Colloquium of Magi, the student is presented with a challenge designed such that they must wholly break down who and what they were before they can defeat it. Only when they have shed the detritus of who they used to be can they move on.64[...]
  • The Alternate Example of Play from the Kickstarter, depicting a Techno game in Arcadia. To quote a comment on its update entry, it’s literally a supernatural comedy anime pilot in example of play format, and it is glorious, calling back to the Example of Play from the second edition of Nobilis.
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  • Some of the Glass-Maker's Dragon plot points are summed up fairly goofily. "Principal Entropy Runs for Office", for example, is a cautionary tale about zombie influence on the political process, while "Chuubo and the Tiresome Temples" will force him to be stalked by the horrors of the Outside, haunted by the Dream-Witch, and forced to learn self-discipline!
  • The finale to Fable of the Swan is dark and surreal and tragic as Jasmine works up to transforming herself into a squid-monster to fight Death, mourning that she can't really miss her lost mother because she only barely remembers her...and then the very last page is "AGH TOO MANY FEET".

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