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YMMV / Chuubo's Marvelous Wish-Granting Engine

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  • Awesome Ego: More or less the point of Fist-Shake XP.
    • Leonardo de Montreal has a different XP condition, but is popular because of, rather than in spite of, his megalomaniacal smugness.
  • Ensemble Dark Horse: Leonardo de Montreal is extremely popular due to his bombast, as is Rinley due to her incredible utility as a source of Running Gags, and the Rats of Fortitude are one of the most popular cultures due to their swashbuckling.
  • Epileptic Trees: Tons and tons of them, given the game's propensity for Shrug of God, and the often-confusing setting.
    • Leonardo generates a lot of them, sometimes in relation to Nobilis. It is heavily implied that most of his backstory could be fake, given that he possesses the power to banish memories from the world. Because Leonardo was heavily involved in the setting's origin, that in itself implies that much of the setting might have happened differently from what people might remember.
  • Game-Breaker: Averted in general, despite appearances to the contrary. Most miraculous Arcs have some sort of Necessary Drawback - usually, they are powerful or versatile or can be used repeatedly/precisely, but not all at once.
    • Wishes and Imperial Miracles depend on the HG for their specific effects, to contrast the immense, setting-altering power they have.
    • Reality Syndrome is this trope in theory... In practice, the main purpose of the Arc is to use that power to create stories, rather than shatter them, mainly by putting limitations on it.
    [...]Whatever it is, it means that in alternate worlds where your particular group’s game is the subject of a massive Internet fandom, there are people right now shutting down whole "who’d win" fights by claiming that of course it has to be you, because how could anyone or anything beat that?
    • The Ace is also this, to a lesser degree. It's described as making the character the best at winning at things. Like Reality Syndrome, in actual play it isn't necessarily anywhere near as useful as it sounds, especially because it is a colossal MP hog.
    • If the HG isn't very good at vetoing, a player who's taken Wounded Angel could shoot it full of extremely specific Wounds providing strong Powers.
    • Become Somebody can be very scary in the wrong hands, with its ability to sweep up everyone and everything around you into your goals. Someone with The Ace and Become Somebody is ultimately limited mainly by their role and their MP supply.
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  • Iron Woobie: Leonardo de Montreal is this game's defining example. As fits a character on a Wounded Angel Arc, he tried to be great and failed while trying, suffering an incredible amount of wounds in the process, physical or emotional. He survived on determination alone and kept going, in the process binding these wounds.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Leonardo de Montreal is an arrogant, cynical misanthrope, true. However, even filtering out his contempt for basically everyone, his life's been pretty lousy, just look at the Iron Woobie entry.
    • Part of the Titov hat. The family is a collection of hurtful, broken people (and Diana) tied together by a web of toxic relationships. The narrator offers a sympathetic apology at the end of the character generation section for a Titov member.
  • Shipping: With the nature of the Glass-Maker's Dragon characters and the potential for things developing in play, groups can support virtually any pairing that they feel makes sense. One of the major playtest contributors even commissioned a shipping wall depicting Seizhi with most of the other characters.
    Rand Brittain: The two things I said most often during the writing phase of this project, as Jenna sent me stuff, were "We should make this a downloadable," and "Jenna, I don't think you've maximized the shipping potential of this element."
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  • Stoic Woobie: The Prodigy, and anyone else with the Aww! XP emotion.

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