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Church: Poor Jimmy was the last one to go. Tex walked up to him, pulled Jimmy's skull out right of his head and beat him to death with it.
Tucker: Wait a second. How do you beat someone to death with their own skull? That doesn't seem physically possible.
Church: That's exactly what Jimmy kept screaming.
Jimmy: (In a flashback while Tex is smacking him with a skull) This doesn't seem physically possible!

I'm gonna shut you down, I'm teaching you a lesson
Rip out your CPU and show it to you still processing
Love Handel, "Robot Riot"

Dude. That's my heart. (keels over, dead)
Jaffers's friend, Suburban Knights

"Kali ma shakti deh!"

Homer: Hey, boy! How was class?
Bart: Today, we learned how to rip a man's heart out and show it to him before he dies!
Homer: Ooh. That'll learn him.

"This is it, Warden. 'When from the blood of battle the Stone has fed, let the heroes prevail and the blighters lie dead.' As one of the blighters, I sodding salute you. Let us show them our hearts, and then show them theirs."

Ultron: Wanda... if you stay here, you'll die.
Wanda: I just did. Do you know how it felt?
[tears out Ultron's "heart"]
It felt like that.

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