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No Holds Barred Beatdown / Music

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  • Zebrahead's "Karma Flavored Whiskey". Woo, if you don't know it, just listen. It's the perfect example of this.
  • Disturbed's "This Moment" initially appears to be the one singing taking it. Then things change.
  • Murdoc pulls a few of these on 2D through the ages, most prominently in the recent iTunes session interviews. Not only does Murdoc fight with, and beat the living crap out of 2D, but he also drugs him into submission. All on tape.
  • Kenny Roger's Coward Of The County, Tommy delivers one to an entire gang after the Gatlin' boys rape Tommy's girlfiend Becky, dishing out "twenty years" of suppressed rage. Depending on how one interprets the themes of the song and the context of Tommy's Dad in prison, it's fairly plausible that Tommy killed all three with his bare hands.
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  • Meshuggah's "Perpetual Black Second" is about the perpetrator of such a beatdown reflect upon and regretting one.
  • The band Throwdown have the implications of this in each of their songs, especially "We Will Rise"
    • In fact it was used in a real Anime amv about the neglected Flame of Recca where Recca is being beaten within in an inch of his life by Kukai. Unfortunately it has been pulled off of youtube.
  • Jim Croce seems to have specialized in songs about these during The '70s. Specifically, 'Bad, Bad Leroy Brown' and 'You Don't Mess Around With Jim.'
  • Katatonia has "We Must Bury You", which is about a particularly brutal beating that the narrator took part in that turned into a full-fledged murder when the group doling it out decided to hang the recipient.
  • Madeline Harper Guest delivers a verbal one in "Mr. Bright Eyes".
  • The video for Cracker's "Low" has Sandra Bernhard deliver one to the lead singer in a boxing ring.


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