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  • The premises of some creepypastas can be rather unsettling until an absolutely absurd detail is given, like in "Mereana Mordegard Glesgorv", where the detail that the viewers of the video gouged their eyes out then mailed them to YouTube's main office is given, which implies that they could somehow still write neat addresses on envelopes without being able to see, seal their eyes inside the envelopes (again without being able to see) and be able to post them, all while blood is busy gushing out of their empty eye sockets, presumably pouring all over the envelope or parcel and making it too soiled to use, let alone post.
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  • The twist at the end of Pacemaker: After mutilating and murdering his girlfriend and her family, then cutting both his legs and one of his arms off with a 'rusty table knife' in some bizarre, poorly written insane rampage for reasons just as byzantine, our hero comes to the sudden realization in his hospital bed, having somehow survived, that his girlfriend's pacemaker made him do it... and, he ate the pacemaker, for some reason!
  • If one stops to think about the disturbing imagery associated with Creepypasta, many of them turn to nightmare retardant quickly, since most of the shocking pictures are just obvious Photoshop. For example:
    • The image for Smile Dog. While painted as a frightening, evil demonic entity in the pasta, that picture is really a photoshopped image of someone's dog. Smile Dog is actually a Siberian Husky - one of the most beautiful and photogenic breeds of dog.
    • Jeff the Killer is the poster child for Photoshop filter abuse in the Creepypasta genre. Many have observed that his face looks rather like a potato.
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  • The Trollpasta Wiki is devoted to poorly-written tales (intentional or otherwise), such as the infamous WHO WAS PHONE?
  • This is par for the course in video game and lost episode pastas. Whatever the story does right, it doesn't change the fact that you're reading what's essentially a Dark Fic of a silly, idealistic, and generally nonthreatening work like Pokémon, My Little Pony or SpongeBob SquarePants. On the other hand, if the source material is already serious and cynical, then people are expecting something dark, which isn't good since most of these pastas rely on Surprise Creepy. Pastas about an original Show Within a Show, such as Candle Cove, tend to fare better because they aren't burdened with the reader's expectations of the work.
  • The finale of A Cure For Cancer - after several very awkward sex scenes earlier in the story, the protagonist’s lover (who he manipulated and tricked into being in love with him in the first place...) is now dying from a virus that induces cancer, so the protagonist treats her with Human stem cell therapy, a medical treatment that’s currently being tested in real life on non-human animals as we speak. Instead of doing something similar to the results of the tests thus far, the treatment somehow interacts with the cancer and turns her into a half-human, half-zombie(?), all new species of monster. Despite this creature clearly being dangerous, and also not how that works, our protagonist decides to get close, draw her in... and begins to french kiss her, all while having his throat ripped to shreds by the monster’s long and malformed tongue. Simply put, What an Idiot!
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  • The now-deleted Kirby's Deadland, where the author takes the non-threatening names of Kirby's rogues gallery (e.g. "Whispy Woods") dead seriously.
  • Papercuts is supposed to be a serious story about a mysterious figure mutilating people, but it's hard to take seriously because of the fact that the villain's agenda involves papercut experiments, of all things. The narrator's friends abruptly dying also ends up killing the mood.
  • Pocoyo: Todo termina ahora tries to take a crack at turning a moral story about growing up into something scary, but doesn’t really work. It doesn’t help that, like Kirby’s Deadland above, it tries to make a creepy atmosphere while reciting the kid friendly and Gratuitous Spanish names of the characters in the same breath. Interestingly, common consensus says that it is well written, just not in the right genre, which is ultimately what got it deleted in the first place.
  • Some of the ways you have to acquire artifacts in the Holders series ends up going beyond trying to build suspense and flies straight into the realm of Narm.
  • The Harbinger Experiment is mostly creepy, but the fact that the monster's arrival is heralded by Tiny Tim's "Livin' in the Sunlight" can feel silly — especially if you associate that song with Spongebob Squarepants because of the song's use in that show's pilot episode "Help Wanted".
  • Speaking of SpongeBob, the "SpongeBob Bootleg Episode" has a still of SpongeBob that is stated to blink if looked at long enough. And if you look at the actual image long enough? He does...because it's a gif. There goes the Willing Suspension of Disbelief.
  • "Digimon: The Unseen Episode" includes the opening of the show being messed up, which the narrator describes as being like a YouTube Poop.
  • Come Follow Me is a Pokémon creepypasta describing an investigation into a series of deaths that occurred not long after the release of the first games in Japan, describes the deaths of two Game Freak employees as part of the plot. It's rather creepy... until you realize that the employees in question (Koji Nishino and Sosuke Tamada) are very much alive and still contribute to Pokemon, with the former even making a cameo in both Black and White and their sequels.
  • You Chan is this because of how unlikable the protagonist is. His sociopathy and cruelty guarantee that he becomes an Asshole Victim.

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