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Nightmare Fuel / X-Men

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  • Magneto very quickly becomes The Dreaded when he comes face-to-face with Wolverine the first time, when it's revealed he can effortlessly subdue him thanks to his adamantium skeleton. He even starts subtly bending his claws and has Logan hissing in pain.
    Magneto (curiously): That remarkable metal doesn't run through your entire body, does it?
    • It even comes into play before the final confrontation.
    Wolverine: Everyone get out of here!
    Cyclops: Why?
    Wolverine: I can't move!
  • Senator Kelly's death. Doubles as Squick.
  • Unlike his portrayal in the comics, this incarnation of Sabretooth is akin to a feral animal. In many ways he feels like a predecessor to X-24.
  • The entire opening scene is this doubled with Tear Jerker. Seriously, this comic-book superhero movie opens with a horrifyingly realistic depiction of Jewish prisoners being herded into a concentration camp with Nazis filing them into two separate groups. The sight of Erik's mother screaming and trying to go back for him once they're taken from him while her husband tries to get her to stop is frankly almost as disturbing as seeing 12-year-old Erik's distress over the situation as well. And then we see that the two of them are heading towards a large building with a tall chimney... All in all, apart from Erik ripping up the gates, the whole scene looks akin to something you'd see in Schindler's List or The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas.
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  • Wolverine seeing that he’s inadvertently stabbed Rogue through the chest in his Catapult Nightmare. Both Anna Paquin’s pained convulsing and Hugh Jackman’s desperate calls for help put you right in the moment.
  • Toad suffocating Jean Grey with his toxic spit is both this and Nausea Fuel. When Cyclops comes to her rescue, she is on the floor panicking, unable to remove the gunk covering her mouth and nose.