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Tear Jerker / X-Men

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  • The black-and-white opening of the movie, as the boy is torn away from his parents in the concentration camp. And then we see what he has done in his desperation...
  • Watching Rogue's understandable Freak Out after she accidentally put her boyfriend in a coma.
  • After hitching a ride with Wolverine, Rogue asks him if it hurts when his claws come out. With a sigh, Wolverine admits that it hurts every time.
  • Bobby cruelly telling Rogue the other students are scared of her, the Professor is furious at her and that she should leave the institute. Even worse, it's actually Mystique in disguise.
  • This line of Wolverine's was cut when he talks to Rogue on the train:
    I could show you the scars from when I've tried to kill myself. But I can't. They just disappear.
  • Senator Kelley's last moments. Yes, he was a Jerkass, but as Xavier would say he was a man motivated by fear more than hate. He certainly didn't deserve to be turned into a puddle of goo.
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  • One that crosses it with Heartwarming was when Wolverine takes the nearly-dead Rogue and hugs her, giving her his healing factor and coming very close to death himself. The music alone is beautiful and sad.


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