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Series / Don't Tell My Mother

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"I realized this place is not Disneyland."
— Diego Buñuel, on Afghanistan.

Documentary miniseries produced by National Geographic Channel and Canal+, directed and hosted by Diego Buñuel (Grandson of renowned film director Luis Buñuel), in which he poses as a Funny Foreigner and ventures into countries which have bad reputations for being dangerous places in a light-hearted way. For every time he visits a country, he goes forth and debunks many of the myths and misconceptions from the country he visits, while hanging Lampshades all over the place in regard of the situation.

So far, he has gone to:

  • North Korea
  • Colombia
  • Afghanistan
  • Pakistan
  • Iran
  • Iraq
  • Venezuela
  • Palestine and the Gaza Strip
  • The Balkans

Tropes present in this show: