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Nightmare Fuel / Utopia

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The TV Series

Season One
  • Mr Lee and his powders and spoon. Especially with the casual way he explains the amount of agony he is going to put you through even before scooping out your eye like a melon ball.
  • The school shooting in episode three, just the mechanical and efficient way Arby carries it out. Then when he gets to his last target a defenceless child who cowers in fear . Arby pauses and is stunned to find that he appears to be crying. He wipes the tears from his eye and looks at them in surprise. Then we cut to the opening titles as we hear Arby open fire again.

Season Two

  • Similar to Lee, Mr. Omida very calmly explains Philip Carvel the torture that he will inflict, but also emphasises that he will inflict the same to Jessica, who was four years old. It's very strongly implied that Jessica wouldn't be the first child he's tortured.
  • In a Call-Back to the first example in Season One, Wilson discover a subtle reminder of his torture by finding a spoon under his seat inside a room in Corvadt. He then discovers that Lee is alive and after speaking to Milner, he winks and smiles at Wilson as he leaves. It comes off as Nothing Personal, but the spoon that Wilson found suggests that Lee hasn't forgotten at all about him.
  • The revelation that Russian flu is real, and the Network might be planning on spreading the pathogen via a nuclear bomb.
    • It's eventually revealed that the Network plans on spreading the pathogen via crop-dusters flying over major international airports all over the world.
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  • The side effects of the medication Becky's taking causes her to have very vivid hallucinations. Initially, it's "just" seeing her hands drenched with blood, but later on she hallucinates the recently deceased translator, complete with gaping hole in his head.
  • Turns out the modification that Philip put into Janus. The one that the Network cannot find. Is that only one race in the world will be left standing if unleashed.
    • Even better, further research found that thanks to Carvel's adjustment to Janus, a major side effect took place. Janus not only makes the subject sterile. It nullifies the vaccine so it doesn't protect against the Russian flu. So anyone who takes the vaccine will not only be sterile, but still die horribly...unless they'd been 'spared' by having Roma blood.
  • The transformation Wilson undergoes throughout the series, from being a reluctant member of the Network to becoming the new Mr. Rabbit. Complete with him making the same cuts on his skin to make the Chinese symbol for the word 'rabbit', all the while screaming in agony. It's more than clear that something has broken inside him, and that the Wilson from the first ever episode is gone.

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