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Tear Jerker / Utopia

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The TV Series

Season one
  • Becky fleeing the Group as her symptoms from her disease worsens. And she doesn't want the group to watch her die.
  • The Network framing poor Grant by organising a school shooting an action so horrific that even the ones behind it has some trouble with it.
  • The school shooting in episode three, just the mechanical and efficient way Arby carries it out. Then when he gets to his last target a defenceless child how cowers. Arby pauses and is surprised that he appears to be crying. He pauses in surprise. Then we cut to the opening titles as we hear Arby open fire again.
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  • Wilsons reaction when he finds out that the Network has killed his father
  • Wilson's betrayal is pretty saddening as he was one of the foundations of the team. The one hurt most by the Network with both losing his Father and his eye but in the end he turned against them. Because he can see that the Network may be right.

Season two

  • The first episode of the season, which is a flashback to 1979 and tells the story of Philip Carvel's downfall.
    • The way Carvel's family suffers because of his egoism and work. Pietre goes from being a happy baby to a tiny sociopath after Carvel experiments on him. The night his father abandons him, Pietre raised his arms up for a hug. And as Philip took Jessica and left, he still stands there in his crib, waiting for his hug.
    • Pietre shows up again as a little boy on the night Philip goes on the run with Kristoff. As soon as he sees his father, he raises up his arms again. The look on Philip's face is heartbreaking.
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    • Philip Carvel himself, as he slowly realizes the implications of what Janus will do to humanity. He tries to leak the information to the public twice and gets caught. Even as he's tortured, he just begs Milner to not use Janus. In the end, he's committed into a home under a pseudonym, creates the Utopia comic and then hangs himself.
    • Surprisingly, Milner herself. It's clear that she has feelings for Carvel, and the only reason he's alive after his attempts to leak Janus to the public is because he - and his intellect - are so dear to her.
      • Flash-forward to the present day, and Milner is still very much in love with Carvel. The only reason Jessica hasn't been dissected in five months, as Milner finally wails out loud, is because she's all she has left of Philip.
  • Jessica after five months of being tortured and experimented on by the Network. While some of her insanity might be a show for whatever plan she's got, it's still clear that some part of her has been broken, especially with the revelation that her father sterilized her when she was four.
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  • The first shot we see of Becky is her on the roof of a building, about to jump to her death. It's only the promise of medication that will ease her Deels' syndrome that talks her off the ledge.
  • Poor Ian and Becky can't catch a break. Just as they're finally about to pick up where they left off, a jealous Donaldson gleefully tells Ian that Becky had been working for him to get the manuscript in the first season.
  • Wilson completes his transition from reluctant member of the network to full member willing to do what must be done by shooting Ian's brother through the head. While he begs for mercy.
  • For anyone who was wondering where Dugdale's wife and Alice were... they've been held in an undisclosed location by the Network to ensure Dugdale's cooperation.
  • Pietre's goodbye to his girlfriend and her daughter. He looks like he wants to cry when he shuts off the CCTV feed.
  • Grant's Sanity Slippage throughout season two, culminating in him shooting Mr. Rabbit (the real one, this time) and breaking down in tears when he realizes what he's done.
  • Ian's reaction to his brother's murder. Made worse by the fact that the Network fabricated evidence linking him to it, and that his own mother believes he did it.
  • Everything to do with Pietre in episode five. First is his realization that Anton is his father Philip Carvel, made worse when he mistakes Grant for Pietre. Then when he asks him why he abandoned him, Philip says it was because he was horrific. Compare that with Carvel's own emotional, genuine, happy reunion with Jessica...and then it ends with Carvel being compelled by Milner to shoot Pietre in the chest!
  • Wilson's transformation over the series, from a reluctant member of the Network to assuming command as the new Mr. Rabbit.
  • Dugdale's efforts to get his family out of the country to somewhere safe are all for naught as Wilson explains to him that from now on, he will be monitored and tagged and have cameras all around him - even in his own home -, and that if he gets out of line again, his wife and Alice and Grant will be executed. The poor man's been through so much, and he barely holds back sobs.
  • Ian shooting Terrence, all the while crying and begging him not to make him kill him.
  • Becky making the decision to kill herself. And as she does the deed, Ian finds out from Philip Carvel that she never had Deels Syndrome in the first place, and the so-called drugs Donaldson had been giving her was an opiate. Luckly Ian saves her, but just as he does, the Network captures the group.

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