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The TV Series

Season One
  • Ian and Becky's epic failure at a sexual hook up.
  • The fight between Wilson and Lee has to be one of the most awkward.

Season Two

  • Pietre correcting Amanda on his name:
    Pietre: It's Pietre.
    Amanda: Peter, that's what I said!
    Tess: Don't tease him, Amanda.
    Pietre: Pietre.
    Amanda: [quietly] Peter.
    Pietre: It's Pietre.
    Amanda: [quietly] Peter.
  • During Jessica's escape, she finds that the only way out of the building is through a medical waste duct. The look of resignation and mild horror on her face is hilarious - and cutting to the back of the medical waste truck at an intersection with Jessica leaping out of the bin covered in organs, blood, human waste and then running off into the street to the horror and confusion of the driver behind the truck.
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  • It's very, very Black Comedy, but Ian's boss stumbling around the office after Lee slits his throat is oddly amusing.
  • Ian breaks into the UK branch station of a news channel, and gets noticed. He then impersonates an irate African cleaner to throw off suspicion.
  • Becky gets a Romanian translator to help communicate with Anton:
    Marius: You racist bastard. You think all Roma from Romania. Is not. Roma many places; Bulgaria, Poland, Spain. Romani different language. Like... Welsh to English! Do you speak fucking Welsh?
    Becky: Yeah. I do actually.
    Marius: Doesn't matter! You're still racist!
    [after exchanging words with Anton]
    Marius: This Roma from Romania. Coincidence. You're still racist.
  • Dugdale's plan to get Jen and Alice out of holding is foiled... by Alice's fear of heights. He still managed to get them out, though.
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  • When Jessica tells Dugdale to literally shove a cellphone up his ass so it's not found when he goes to rescue his family. Cue Dugdale wrapping the cellphone with a condom and looking at it with mild apprehension before going into the bathroom.
    Dugdale: (from the bathroom) ARRGH, YE BASTARD!
  • Also, when he, Becky, Ian and Wilson are waiting for the Network to conclude their investigation into the adjustment Carvel made to Janus, he's the only one that's standing up

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