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The TV Series

Season One
  • Despite being basically blind and in horrible pain Wilson manages to escape his torturer Lee by dislocating his thumbs and severely wounds him with his own gun before leaving.
  • Grant being held hostage in episode six by the assistant who needs Grant to remember a series of numerical sequences or else he will have Grant's mother killed. Although under surveillance. Grant not only escapes , but kills the assistant by stabbing him in the neck with a piece of plastic and calls off the death squad watching his mother by impersonating his captor.

Season Two

  • From episode 2, Jessica withstands five months of brutal torture, and kills her first torturer with a screwdriver. She later tricks her second interrogator and creates a deathtrap within her cell using pages from a Bible and the mechanism of the cell.
  • Arby rescuing Grant, Ian, Donaldson and Becky.
  • Jessica's escape from the facility, using nothing more than the spring from a pen.
  • Ian retrieving data from a TV network headquarters on his own.
  • A small one for Milner: she immediately realises that Jessica is in Dugdale's home after seeing a Bible on his couch.
  • Dugdale getting his wife and Alice out of their cell. Special points go to Jen for stabbing the security guard with the knife.
  • Arguably, Wilson shooting Mr. Lee and becoming the new Mr. Rabbit. Furthermore, he carves the Chinese symbol for "rabbit" on his torso without any anaesthesia.

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