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Nightmare Fuel / Twilight

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  • Renesmee's birth. There's something uniquely unsettling about inserting a pregnancy scene comparable to the chest-ripping scene from Alien into a young adult romance. This includes ripping Bella's body (including spine!) from inside out. Not to mention that Edward, Bella's sweetheart, Jacob, Bella's friend, Carlisle, Bella's doctor, etc., consider and try to force her to have an abortion.
  • Being made into a vampire isn't the mild process described in so many other works. Three straight days of burning, unbearable pain lie between human and immortality as the venom transforms the skin—and presumably internal organs—into a hard, marble like substance. Oh, and the reason why the vampires, even those who were dark-skinned in life are so pale...because the venom has literally seared the blood from their veins making them little more than empty tubes waiting to be filled with stolen blood. What somehow makes this even worse is that again unlike many other works, there is no involved, ritualistic process (such as a blood exchange) in becoming a vampire. All it takes is a single bite, no matter how shallow, and you've joined the sparkly undead.
    • A brief glimpse of what Bella's internal screaming in pain looks like as the venom magically transforms her dead corpse into a cold hard vampire. And nobody else around in the house can hear her. And I Must Scream indeed.
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    • Not to mention, if the vampire who attempts to turn a human doesn't have enough self-control, they can end up draining the human's blood, which kills them instead of turning them. They need to have enough blood in their veins during the transformation to survive it. Many vampires, according to the guide (including Carlisle) became vampires because the one that turned them had enough victims to leave them with enough blood to survive.
  • The mental state of the vampires. She doesn't seem to realize this, but Meyer made it quite nightmarish by saying that a vampire never advances mentally from the state they were in when turned. This means that Esme is still depressed over having lost her child and wanting to commit suicide, Rosalie is still in the mental state of having been recently raped and beaten by someone she loved and similar. For eternity.
  • Jacob's relationship with Renesmee is a bit Squick, but it starts to become more than a little horrifying when you think about how common the practice is among the were-wolves, and that adult men and older teenage boys are given unrestricted access to very small children they have romantic/sexualized feelings towards, changing their nappies and babysitting them and such. Or that the little girls, when they come of age, are expected to have sex with men they see as surrogate father, brother or uncle figures. Even if they waited until the girls reached the age of consent, it's likely that the relationships would be more than a little coercive, especially as the men, who had been expected to sacrifice healthy adult relationship and even sex for their sworn love, might just get to thinking that the girl owed them something. At the very least, they'd probably have been gagging for sex for almost two decades. It doesn't exactly make for the gentlest introduction to adult sexual relationships.
    • The term is specifically called "child grooming", what pedophiles do to prepare a child for rape. Yeah.
    • It's even scarier when you realize that the men are reduced to physical pain if the girl they imprinted on rejects them. They have zero control over who they imprint on, and have no resistance. Their wolf side is technically forcing some of them to perform child grooming, so they aren't even consciously doing it. The fact that imprinting means having their spouse chosen for them is Lampshaded by Jacob shortly before he imprints.
    Jacob: Imprinting is just another way of getting your choices taken away from you.
  • Bella's blood is Edward's crack. Maybe you don't want to see Edward as a bad person, but he has a chemical dependency that he can't fully control and which, if he loses control even once, will result in the brutal murder of whoever happens to be nearby and tasty.
  • Edward was in Bella's room. Yes, it's presented as romantic, but let's look at this as we would in real life: he was in her room. While she slept. Without her knowledge. Repeatedly. And, as stated above, her blood is his crack. If his control were to slip, even for a second, she would be dead, and probably so would her father. This is something out of a horror movie. Actually, three-quarters of what happens in this series would have made an awesome horror series.
    • In fact, Bella being in love with Edward is the only thing stopping this series from being a pure horror story. Das Sporking did a "realistic retelling" of the restaurant scene where Edward confesses he's been following Bella and it's legitimately horrifying, even without touching on the worst aspects of the entire thing. Think about this; If Bella didn't love Edward back, what could she do about it? Edward is basically the ultimate stalker. He's faster than a car, can read minds (yours or those around you to find out where you are), and could probably track somebody by scent alone. If Bella was as creeped out by Edward's stalking as a real person probably would be, there is no way she could possibly get away from him.
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  • The CGI work on baby Renesmee placed it smack-dab in the middle of the Unintentional Uncanny Valley. However compared to the... abomination they were originally going with, which literally EVERYONE on set was terrified of, one can only thank the gods the movie's creepy CGI version was so tame by comparison.
  • When the Volturi ripped a vampire apart at the beginning of the New Moon film.
  • The Volturi's feeding methods. They have tourists visit the "beautiful abandoned castle" that they live in. The last room is the throne. There is no leaving. Cranked way up in the film when you hear the tourists screaming, but don't see anything. Spoiler'd because it will keep you from sleeping.
    • Even worse in the film is watching the tourists casually and happily walking in before it happens. As Heidi whispers to another vampire she passes about how she'll save some for him. Oh, and there are some kids in the group too.
    • Nightmare Retardant when you realize how incredibly unlikely it is that this business model would last for very long. People would quickly figure out that all these disappearances are linked to this castle. Plus, there's no one out there writing about it or reviewing it.
  • Imprinting. Special mention to Emily and Sam. Emily is biologically forced to be the "soul mate" of her cousin Leah's boyfriend Sam. He comes to Emily's house every day for weeks, begging to be with her, and every day she tells him to go back to Leah. Does Sam decide he He Wants His Beloved To Be Happy? Nope, he keeps coming back! Finally, Emily says Sam's just as bad as his cheating father ... and he wolfs out and mauls her face so badly that they explain it as a bear attack. Then they get married. Years later, the scars are still so bad that when Bella visits, she's warned not to stare. Emily is physically bound to her attacker, a man who could easily "wolf out" at any moment.
  • Imprinting is horrifying from both ends if you stop to think about it. The child grooming and poor Emily's predicament are both obvious, but for the imprinting wolf, their own genetics have just mind raped them into orbiting around this girl or woman forever, wanting nothing but them, needing nothing but them, theoretically at least changing whatever is necessary to keep them. In Sam's case the need overrode already-existing love and his self-control, so that he ended up nearly killing Emily (and theoretically that risk may make their relationship a mutual nightmare of fear). Jacob outright hated imprinting and pointed out this aspect but bam, one look at Renesmee and that never mattered.
  • Alice. She was institutionalized as a human because she saw things. When she becomes a vampire, her powers are much more useful. But she has to live with that knowledge of the future (futures) whether things turn out that way or not, including the visions of her father, lover, and various allies dying in battle against the Volturi in the last film. Midnight Sun shows that she sees several possible futures at the same time if someone is undecided, because she sees Bella dead, as a vampire, and five years older as a human and still with Edward.
    • Isn't that just a visual version of mundane inference? Like tossing a coin and seeing "visions" about it being either head or tail?
      • Whatever it is, vampires are explicitly stated and shown to have perfect recall. Alice's visions occur within her mind, as proven by Edward's ability to see them with his own gift, and Alice herself has said that her visions are of the future as it is most likely to play out at the time she receives them - and while she can turn her sights on the future at will, there are also times when a vision occurs to her completely on its own. Regardless of whether a vision comes true or not, Alice will still remember every detail of every one of them. How many times has she watched Jasper "die"? Or Carlisle, or Esme? How many times has she foreseen her own death? And just as bad - how many times has she seen something horrible happen completely out of the blue, on a day or during a period of time when there didn't seem to be any threat or immediate danger?
  • The sheer lack of free will that werewolves have over their own lives, from the trauma of becoming a werewolf to the inherent squickiness of imprinting, is horrifying and depressing. With imprinting specifically, Meyer's laziness in writing took the concept of "soul mates" and took it to its squickiest rock-bottom. The fact that she tried to explain it away in-story worsens both the nightmare fuel and Unfortunate Implications.
    • As Dominic Noble has pointed out, an in-universe theory about it suggests imprinting may be a way of sensing which women have the best genetic chance of producing children who'll share the werewolf trait, hence why the wolves become so devoted to them. In other words, it's magical eugenics. No true love, no soul mates, just a genetic imperative that forces a werewolf to either coerce someone or spend years grooming them into reproducing with him, free will or sexual orientation be damned, just to make more werewolves. And everybody seems not just okay with this, but fully on board with it.
  • Rosalie's back story: beaten, gang-raped and left for dead by her drunk fiancé and his friends, she is transformed into a vampire and takes revenge on them in a wedding dress.
    • Rosalie explaining how half-dead she was and how Carlisle found her by following the trail of blood from the rape.
    • And Carlisle simply picked her up from the street, took her to his home and bit her. Didn't explain anything, didn't give her an option and his reason for turning her was because she was so beautiful and he wanted a mate for Edward. He didn't necessarily want to save her. It doesn't help that Rosalie must be scared out of her mind after being raped, beaten, picked up by some other man, and then put in agonizing pain for days. And Edward and Carlisle talk about her and not to her the entire time.
      • To be fair, he did try to save her as a human first, but realized it was hopeless. Rosalie even describes that she was "slipping away" by the time he bit her.
  • Rosalie's reason for turning Emmett. He reminded her of Henry, her best friend's baby. She turned him, because he reminded her of the baby that she wanted but never got... and she's sleeping with him.
  • Thinking about it, how Bella's life as a vampire would go. Bella never had any real hobbies, no extracurricular activities, didn't seem to care all that much about her job, had no ambition to study anything, either in school or going to college, and has no idea what to do with herself if Edward is not around. What will her existence as a vampire change? What will she do if Edward goes off on a hunting trip without her? She has nothing to do.
  • Vampire babies. They're vampires, so they are strong, fast, and almost indestructible. They're babies, so they don't grow out of their newborn phase (eat every human they come across out of thirst) and you know what's worse? They're so cute that any vampires that see them immediately have to protect them and help them kill people. This happened to the extent that the Volturi had to kill everyone implied in their vampirization and made the subject taboo.
    • It gets worse when you apply everything you already know about ordinary vampires to them:
      • Changing a human into a vampire is a very difficult thing to do. Very rarely does a vampire ever find the self-control to stop feeding once they start and thus let the transformation take place, they usually wind up being unable to stop and just kill and eat the person in question. Also, a vampire can eat up to ten adults before they can be sated enough to stop eating another one, and even then they can slip. So not only were the vampires in question eating babies, but they likely had to go through over a dozen of them before they got it right.
      • The transformation from human to vampire is excruciatingly painful and lasts days on end, usually around three. So they inflicted days' long torture on babies and children. An adult who suffers the pain of the vampire transformation can understand pain, sometimes also why it's happening, and can rationalize it and work through it. A baby can't. A baby just knows that it hurts; it doesn't understand why, and all it wants it to do is stop.
      • Vampire thirst is not just feeling hungry. Despite textual evidence to the contrary, Meyer assures us that the thirst is just pain, horrible pain in the throat, like a constant third-degree burn (those are Meyer's words, as she doesn't seem to know that burns that severe actually kill your nerve endings so you really don't feel too much). The torture of these infants that don't understand what pain is or where it comes from or how to fix it does not last three days. It will last their entire existence, and they will never get to a point where they can understand it or get used to it or rationalize it like an adult can. Because they are babies. For eternity, all they will know is that it hurts, and they want it to stop. They would not be the adorable, giggling, bouncing tots with cute lisps and happy smiles that Meyer envisioned. They would be eternally miserable and crying because they have perpetual third-degree burns in their throats, and they have no idea how to and cannot learn how to fix it.
    • These children had their entire lives ahead of them. They had only lived but a few years, and were barely aged at all, and these vampires took that from them. They are now stuck at that age forever, and will never be more than an infant that can't comprehend its surroundings, learn, and understand the world around it. All because these vampires were like children that never want their puppy or kitten to grow up, because puppies and kittens are much more fun than the adults. The children will never get to learn to walk, learn to talk, learn to read, learn to appreciate art, or music, or science. They'll never know the joy of their own accomplishments, they'll never make friends, and they'll never fall in love. They are trapped in a literal eternity of mindless torment and they don't even realize it.
    • The fact Bella is literally so dead inside after Edward leaves her after breaking up to the point where she literally stares blank out of a window for months and endangers herself for the sake of his visions for him.
  • In the movie of New Moon, after Bella's arm is cut, Alice attempts to calm Jasper before suddenly catching the scent of blood. The next shot shows the Cullens all looking at her at once, unblinking, and for the first time, you really get the feeling that these might be friendly vampires, but they are still vampires. And they smell human blood. The look on her face - a poker face showing some nasty cracks - is very effective.