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Nightmare Fuel / Twilight Zone: The Movie

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  • "Hey, you wanna see something really scary?"
  • Anthony brings a demented-looking Tazmanian Devil-like character out out of the TV into real life and it looks almost real. Then he brings his (false) sister into the cartoon world and robs another of her mouth. The world he creates is demented in and of itself. He also summons a demonic rabbit out of hat. What's worse, he has no idea why people would find his ideas of Toons frightening.
    • The photo of the people with no faces and that scary unsettling noise when Helen looked at the picture.
    • When Anthony's friend, Helen, tries to get out of the house and opens the door she sees a huge eye.
      • That huge scary mutant bunny that comes out of the magic hat, shudders!
  • The gremlin standing outside Mr. Valentine's window, which makes his eyes bulge out in a creepy way when he sees it.
    • The opening to the segment, with him suffering a panic attack in the airplane bathroom. The claustrophobic cinematography, driving, pulsating string soundtrack and John Lithgow's convincing acting are all highly unsettling and do a great job at putting the viewer on edge.
    • Visual Effects of Awesome: The gremlin in the original episode was simply an actor in makeup. Here, however, the creature is much more frightening in appearance; when it's revealed in full at the end, it's a horrifying payoff.
  • The helicopter accident that killed Vic Morrow and the two kids he was carrying. Even more disturbing is that Renee's mother was on set and saw her own child killed by the helicopter. Vic and one of the kids were decapitated! The actual description of what happened on set is even more disturbing:
    The helicopter went out of control.
    In the water, Morrow dropped Renee Chen. He grabbed at her but the helicopter's right skid slammed into the child, killing her. Then its whirling main rotor ripped off the middle-aged actor's head and the head, a shoulder, and an arm of 7-year old My-ca.
    "That's a wrap!" John Landis shouted through the loudspeaker and the standard, banal words signaling the end of filming day sounded sickeningly incongruous. "Leave your equipment where it is. Everyone go home. Please, everyone go home."
    • The behind the scenes footage of the incident, taken here from the 1992 mondo film Death Scenes 1: Manson as shown here. It's just as horrifying visually as it is reading about it. Though not graphic due to the distance the camera filmed it plus the splashing of the water obscuring the crash on impact, it's recommended not watching it if you want to sleep at night.
    • Note that if you watch very closely and in slow motion, you can faintly see two objects fly away from the crash. Those are Morrow and My-ca's heads.
    • Landis' callousness before and after the incident ended his career, effectively.


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