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Nightmare Fuel / Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

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While the series is somewhat Lighter and Softer than the movie, it still has its dark moments.

Per site policy, Spoilers Off applies to all Nightmare Fuel pages, so all spoilers here are unmarked. You Have Been Warned!

  • A New Bergen-ing:
    • When trying to prove to the trolls that the Bergen’s will not eat them, Poppy, while covered in syrup, and jumping up and down on Bridget’s tongue, slips and falls into her mouth, and is almost accidentally Eaten Alive. Before this, she puts her head in Bridget’s mouth. One sudden, involuntary movement on the latters part could have resulted in Poppy getting beheaded.
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    • Groth looks delighted when Bridget appears to have accidentally eaten Poppy alive.
    • Near the beginning of the party, some of the Bergens do not watch where they step around the trolls, and nearly “horribly crush their skulls”.
  • Eye’ll Be Watching You: The eye stalks plan to make things safe for the trolls, by way of Insane Troll Logic (deeming Poppy a danger for hurting Branch's feelings), eventually leads them to the conclusion that they need to kill Poppy. By feeding her to a carnivorous plant.
  • The Poppy Horror Picture Show:
    • Bridget’s campfire story.
    • Greygons. While most of the dangerous creatures shown so far are only really dangerous to trolls, a Greygon seems to be as big as, if not bigger than a Bergen, has sharp claws, teeth, and spikes, and breathes fire.
    • Poppy almost gets eaten alive. Again.
  • The Party Crashers, as a culture, are pretty messed up. They go from place to place, stripping it of party supplies and ruining all parties before moving on. They live only to ruin things for others. Even worse, Archer reveals they're all a bunch of children the leader, Bash, convinced to run away, only to Bash to turn violent and start ruling through fear.
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  • The evil mini golf course. It just grows out of nowhere overnight, and of course all the Trolls are attracted to the bright, colorful place. Only King Peppy knows what it really is, and his trouble with explaining means it's nearly too late when they try to evacuate. In addition, Branch's like of golf makes him drop his paranoia for an episode when it actually would have served him well, leading to him and Poppy getting trapped inside while the sentient plants try to eat them.
  • While Branch's fear of birds is often used as joke, it makes some sense given how small Trolls are—after all, Poppy nearly got eaten in the movie by some.


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