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  • How could Creek have possibly survived falling into a monster at the end of Trolls? By doing either the exact same/a similar thing Poppy did to get out of one earlier. The fact that he managed to make it back to Troll village on foot, alone shows some level of resourcefulness. No Troll in the movie was shown to be able to make the trip on their own.
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  • The episode "A New Bergen-ing" shows Groth drinking the entire contents of the party's punch bowl. While this seems a inconsiderate thing to do, it does make some sense - the bowl seems to only hold just over a table spoon of liquid, and the cups would be about the size of a pea, holding, at best, a few drops. Smashing it on the ground was completely unnecessary though.
  • In "Ear Worm", the Trolls are shown to have a "Confetti-Fest", where they make confettimen, confetti angels, and catch confetti flakes on their tongues. Given that a later Season 5 episode "Snow Day" shows that Troll Village only gets snow once a year, it makes perfect sense that a fun-loving species like Trolls would find other ways to simulate the fun of snow days.
  • The Party Crashers initially seem surprised when Poppy stands up to them in “Party Crashed!” Since trolls, by their very nature, are non-confrontational, it makes sense that Bash and his gang are unprepared for her outburst - they’ve most likely been through countless troll villages without so much as a complaint from their residents, simply because those trolls had never had anything to put up a fight against. However, Poppy and her friends have been through a lot more than the average troll, beginning with their daring rescue attempt from the Burgens and stretching through every adventure they’ve gone through in the entire series. Unlike the other troll villages, Poppy and the Snack Pack have been forced to grow backbones, which is what ultimately helps them defeat the Party Crashers.
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  • In “Coop, Where’s My Guy?”, there’s actually a subtle hint that Cooper is secretly keeping Poppy distracted: What he does lines up perfectly with what he claims he and Guy did earlier despite being actions you can only do once. He says they delivered sixteen Puffalo babies right before he delivers sixteen more Puffalo babies from the same momma; he claims he played the winning hand in a poker game just as he plays said winning hand again; and it’s unlikely that even Cooper could end up challenging a grossum leader to a dance fight twice in one day. While you initially write it off as zany cartoon logic, it’s actually proof that Cooper was making stuff up all along—and in typical Cooper fashion, he did it by narrating what was happening right then and there.
  • Why did Lord Bedfellow choose two trolls in "Pillow War," then continue egging them on during the fight? Because he knew that there was an impostor in the village and played the situation so that the trolls were in the right neck of the woods to find out about it.
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  • Some things didn’t add up when Archer and the Party Crashers were introduced. They have grey skin and spiky hair, unlike the trolls in Troll Village, and it’s unclear where they came from, as the only troll colonies ever mentioned in the show are the ones Archer claims have been their victims. After watching the second movie, however, it suddenly becomes clear - they’re rock trolls! It seems that they ran away from Volcano Rock City and chose to torment the less assertive pop trolls because they knew that the pop trolls wouldn’t fight back like rock trolls would.