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  • In "Funishment", after Cooper eats one of Groth’s pies, Groth labels him as a thief, but since trolls share most of their stuff, their concept of what constitutes theft is... A little different, which leads to this exchange:
    Groth: What do you call it when I do this? (takes hat) Huh? Hmm? Huh?
    Cooper: Yay! I love sharing hats.
    (Satin and Chenille knit a new hat in seconds)
    Cooper: Yay! New hat!
    • Later, after Groth accepts a pie from Cooper to replace the one that was eaten earlier, Groth gives Cooper his hat back.
    Groth: Here you go. You can have this back.(places Cooper’s old hat on his new one)
    Cooper: Wait, two? (flips the old hat in the air and eats it) I love eating hats!
  • The "Downward Cooper" in "Creek Week", which tangles up the Trolls.
  • This part in the scene in "Model Behavior" where Satin and Chenille are looking for a Troll to model their clothes:
    Branch: Stubborn grass stains...
    (Suddenly, suggestive music begins playing as Branch begins to look “attractive” while he is washing clothes, which makes Satin and Chenille gasp.)
    Branch (slowed down): Oh, yeah!
    • All the scenes in the same episode where Cooper randomly shows up, much to the twins' annoyance.
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  • Cloud Guy splashes water on Branch's face for useless reasons.
  • Branch’s conspiracy theory about the Man in the Moon; he’s a little boy fishing.
  • In "Whimsy Wasps", after Peppy explains that the titular creatures are drawn in by fun Smidge points out that that’s biologically impossible. Cue Cooper pooping out a cupcake.
    • Then when the Boring Beetles invade the village and Peppy explains that they're drawn to dullness:
    Smidge: Objection! Creatures drawn to dullness? That's ludicrous.
    Cooper: Ah, but Smidge, you've forgotten my previous rebuttal. (poops another cupcake)
    Smidge: I see. Yes, yes. Point withdrawn.
    • Also in the same episode, after most of the trolls are now dull, and Cooper suggests discussing ways to defend the village from future invaders, Guy Diamond accidentally speaks in autotune when he thirds the motion, but soon corrects himself.
  • The Stylistic Suck music number Sky Toronto sings in "Hitting The Sky Note". Especially that yodeling noise he makes during the start and end of his song.
  • In "The Giver", Poppy and Smidge learn the hard way not to say "Tell us everything" when questioning Cooper, as they get his autobiography in response.
  • All the alternate dimensions in "Wormhole".
  • Cooper's idea of a noisemaker in "The Sleepover Club"? An accordion that says "noise" when you squeeze it.
    • Earlier in the same episode, when Smidge asks Biggie, Cooper and Guy Diamond to step forward, addressing them by their club names, it takes Cooper a few seconds to realize that he's the "Napster".
  • In "Earworm", after DJ Suki, Guy Diamond, Smidge and Cooper get a song stuck in their heads, Poppy tries to scare it out with a monster suit, only for Smidge to tell her that it only works for hiccups. Soon after this misunderstanding is cleared up, Cooper hiccups.
    • Afterwards, there's the scene where Smidge tastes an onion cupcake and the aftertaste creeps up on her.
    • Earlier, Smidge, Cooper, Guy Diamond and DJ Suki keep thinking that other trolls are singing the song that's in the group's heads and freak out every time. They even think they see a line from the song in a poster for Creek's yoga class.
    • Twice, DJ Suki is like "Curse whoever wrote this song!", only to remember she wrote it when her fellow victims look at her.
    • Then there's the end of the episode, where the song Poppy sings to cure her friends gets stuck in her head.
  • There are plenty of funny moments in "Chummy Sparklestone", from Cooper looking for "Chummy", to the running gag of Cooper (as Chummy) giving Smidge desserts to him pooping out a cupcake after he turns back to normal.
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  • "Coop, Where's My Guy?" also has several funny moments, from the flashbacks of Cooper's accidentally spilling stuff on Branch or dropping him after the former's Hug Time bracelet goes off to Cooper's retracing his steps in an attempt to help Branch and Poppy find Guy Diamond (which turned out to be just a distraction while Poppy’s surprise party was being prepared). And then there's when Cooper thought his head was attached to his butt.
  • In "Fun Branch", when Branch figures out how to make Squishball both safe and fun, one of the things he does is give Cooper a helmet for his butt.
    Cooper: I always wanted a butt helmet! How'd you know?
  • Guy Diamond and Smidge discovering that Branch's last slice of fluffleberry cake was rotten already when they were stealing it in "Fluffleberry Quest".
  • In "Adventures in Dinkles-Sitting", after Mr. Dinkles goes missing, Poppy tells Branch via scrapbook how Biggie might be heartbroken enough to drown in his own tears. Branch responds as follows:
    Branch: Really? After all this time, now you're cynical?
  • In "Trolly Tales 2", during the story of the Trolljan War, Coopericles disguises himself as a spider to infiltrate enemy territory. He ends up falling for and marrying a female spider.
    • In that same story, there's also the gag of Branchilles becoming helpless when his heel is hurt.
    • Keith's story about Icarus, which parodies Star Wars.