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Heartwarming / Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

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  • "Two-Party System": The trolls are delighted that Poppy gave them birthday presents. Even Branch was happy enough to follow suit.
  • "Royal Review": The reveal that Branch voted as being happy with Poppy’s leadership as Queen, when he made it clear near the beginning of Trolls that he didn’t like the thought of her being their leader.
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  • "Funishment": When Nangus meets Poppy and Branch, he gushes over how adorable they are and jokingly asks if king Gristle got them from the "cute factory". He’s also very patient and understanding when showing Poppy some of the punishments he uses on Bergen Town's criminals when she needs to find a way to punish Cooper for theft, and tells her to look into her heart to find a punishment that fits her.
  • "Bad News Bergens":
    • The lengths Poppy will go to to keep up good relations with the bergens, considering that around less than a year ago most of them would have had no qualms about eating her and her friends.
    • Nangus is the only member of the bergen’s Bergen ball team to not insult anyone on the troll’s team, sticking to intimidating body language instead.
  • "Unhealthy Competion": When Smidge learns that a herd of Growl beasts are headed to Misty meadows, the place she just tricked Guy Diamond into going so she wouldn’t have competition for her stoutberry juice stand, she rushes out to warn him. While there Guy realizes the deception, and he states that he would rather face an entire herd of Growl beasts than spend another minute with her. Then the Growl beasts show up. Guy’s reaction? To gently place Smidge beside him in his Glitterade cart before driving away at top speeds. The two might not have been getting along very well that day, but they still care about each other’s well being.
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  • "Big Poppy": The premise of the episode: Compliment rap battles. The trolls have to come up with the nicest possible things to say about each other in order to win. By the end of the episode, the reigning champ, Master Controll, leaves in tears, noting that Poppy’s compliments on his appearance are “ - the nicest thing anyone’s ever said to me”. It’s a nice moment, considering that in the past Poppy accidentally mocked his ears, which he usually keeps hidden beneath his hood.
  • "Dinkles Dinkles Little Star":
    • When Nangus meets up with Poppy and Branch again, he’s more than happy to help train Mr. Dinkles for the Bergen town pet show. Also sweet is how, unlike the other bergens, he’s been nothing but nice to them from the moment he met them.
    • Nangus’s relationship with his pet bird. While Num-nums the heyena became a Jerkass towards her owner after winning a single golden Gristle, Nangus’s bird clearly still likes him, despite winning the same award so many times it was essentially banned from the competition.
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  • The ending of Wormhole, has the gang get through the last wormhole, and for all intents and purposes, it looks like home. However they’ve already been in similar parallel dimensions, including one where everything is the same, but it's a world without hugs. So the episode ends with this…
    Poppy: Dad…? (tentatively) Can I get a hug?
    Peppy: Always.
  • "A Flower For Poppy" has its entire concept based on this. Poppy always gives the greatest gifts to her friends, and they desperately want to get her a gift she'd adore just as much. Even when their find out their perfect gift is in a dangerous location to traverse, they still try to reach it anyways out of the love of their friend.
    • Just how thoughtful is Poppy? The gift she gave Branch was an old doll he lost during their escape from the Bergens, something he only mentioned to her in passing. Once.
  • "Gem Day" is entirely about the titular event finally happening for Branch. It's when a special flower sprouted from a planted strand of a troll's hair finally blooms and releases a special gemstone that glows at the sound of its trolls singing. It only blooms when the troll is truly happy, and Branch is unsurprisingly an extremely late bloomer. Unfortunately it gets shattered and Poppy spends the episode desperately trying to replace it with another strand before his ceremony because she really wants him to be able to go through with it. When that fail and the Snack Pack comes clean, they all offer to let him borrow theirs for the ceremony, because they feel he's the last troll that should do without such an important milestone. This gesture touches him so much that the second hair they plucked and planted to make another gemstone immediately sprouts a new one, allowing him to complete the ceremony. The episode ends with a group song as everyone sings and their gems glow in the night.
  • The ending of Bye Bye Bunker. The reason Branch wanted to blow up his bunker? He thinks it's the only way the others will truly accept him. However, he still likes who he is despite what he wants to do, which is why he had second thoughts. After learning this, Poppy gives him a massive You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech.
    Poppy: On the day you came back into our lives, you changed everything. Your passion, your intensity, your loyalty, and all those grumbles under your breath, they turned us upside-down. Because of you, we feel safer. We value honesty, even when the truth is hard. And we realize that just because something isn’t bright and cute, that doesn’t mean it isn’t beautiful. Because we love you. Exactly the way you are.
    • Immediately after that, Hug Time happens. Cue everyone giving him a massive group hug, which he happily accepts.


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