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Nightmare Fuel / The Transformers (Marvel)

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A little too close for comfort.
  • Galvatron, the first one, especially after he goes completely insane. As his earliest appearance demonstrates, he can shrug off enough firepower to level a whole city.
  • The Demons, Primus' first failed creations, are all kinds of unsettling.
  • What happens to Megatron and Ratchet after they get caught in a transporter explosion.
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  • At the end of issue #4, Shockwave shows up unexpectedly and takes out all the Autobots in one shot. In issue #5, we see what's become of them—their corpses have been hung from the ceiling of the Ark, with many showing damage like cracked armor and missing limbs and Ironhide reduced to his upper torso. Worse, Shockwave blows Sunstreaker's corpse apart with a single blast from his arm cannon as a casual display of power and a threat to Megatron of the same treatment should he disobey Shockwave.
    Spike: [seeing the fallen Autobots] The Autobots...they're just hanging there like slabs of beef! They all look...dead!
  • The corrupted Matrix. Especially once it starts taking over Thunderwing, growing into a large demonic shade...
    • Its reappearance in Regeneration One is so much worse, though.
  • "Rhythms of Darkness". All of it. Unicron has won. Cybertron is gone. The Matrix is gone. The war is long over, and the Decepticons have won, and taken over America. The rest of the world is planning to nuke the Decepticons, unaware it'll just make them stronger...
    • The Bad Future shown in Rhythms of Darkness begins with an impressive shot of an utterly levelled New York City.
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  • Buzzsaw. True, he's a walking version of The Worf Effect, but his method of fighting is disturbing; slicing his enemies to pieces with his beak. And it takes fifty issues for him to go down for good.
  • What's done to poor Spanner. He's not just part of the Space Bridge, he is the Space Bridge. Bob Budiansky later suggested that what was done to him was so painful it destroyed his mind.
  • The battle with Unicron in issue 75, especially the part where he impales Brainstorm on his finger and eats him alive, on-panel.