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Nightmare Fuel / The Transformers: The Movie

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Nightmare Fuel in The Transformers: The Movie.

As a Moments subpage, all spoilers are unmarked as per policy. You Have Been Warned.

  • Unicron. Not only do we get to watch him devour an entire planet within the first few minutes of the film, children and all, but later we even get a charming trip through his innards that includes shredding claws on tentacles and a giant bath of acid his victims are dumped in. The latter actually shown in action with victims struggling and flailing as they melt. Watch it here.
    • Unicron's theme is very effective for setting the mood.
    • The composer for the BGM of this movie, Vince DiCola was also working on Rocky IV at the time. Ivan Drago's and Unicron's themes have more than a passing similarity...
    • Made even worse by supplementary information: Unicron is a Mechanical Abomination who is eating the universe simply because he is offended by the idea of anything other than himself existing.
    • Unicron devours mechanical planets, and he himself is one. He took cannibalism to a planetary level.
    • His voice deserves a mention as well; his booming, echoing voice that makes him sound completely apathetic about any beings in the universe. While sad, Orson Welles' death happening mere days after recording his lines makes Unicron sound threatening and bored.
      • The combination of Orson Welles being on death's door and not really caring about the script or his role in it actually serves to make Unicron even more creepy, as every line is read in this emotionless detached tone. It gives the listener the impression that Unicron doesn't care about anything.
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    • The Japanese version of the movie, of all things, was very chilling. Especially the opening scene. Screams were added, making it more frightening than it already is.
      • It's worse when you see ships scrambling to escape, only to get pulled back down and consumed with the doomed planets they tried to flee from.
    • What's even more terrifying is that, prior to some significant Retcons in 2015, Unicron was a multiversal singularity, meaning through the massive Transformers multiverse, there was only one of him. Whenever he managed to destroy a universe, or was defeated by its inhabitants, he'd just move to another and start all over again. Wiping out the entire population of just one universe isn't enough for him.
  • Prowl being shot by Scavenger in cold blood would normally just qualify for a Tearjerker. But the fact that we go close-up on his eyes glowing red and smoke pouring out of his mouth before he collapses...
    • Ironhide's death may be just as bad. It's one thing for the Big Bad to start shattering Plot Armor like it's tissue paper, but shooting you in the face when you're already down on the ground, and he's smirking and cracking a joke about it? That's dark. Making it a Sound-Only Death really doesn't help, considering the scene cuts away to an external shot as we see the power buildup in Megatron's fusion cannon as it's about to fire, and especially since the song "Instruments of Destruction" comes to a definitive end immediately after the cannon discharge is heard.
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  • Imagine this: You're a young child who has watched Transformers for years. Imagine the horror on their face when almost every character they grew to love is killed by Megatron on the big screen. To sell toys.
  • While Megatron was at least given the choice to become Galvatron or die, the other Decepticons were changed without that courtesy. Not only that, but they go from having unique designs to uniform ones and their names are disregarded even by their creator. A throwaway line also implied that they have no free will outside of serving Unicron. As bad as the Decepticons can be, did they really deserve to be forcibly converted into slaves?
    • Even worse? This is basically WHAT THEY WERE before the Decepticon faction was born. THEY'RE RIGHT BACK AT SQUARE ONE.
    • And all of that is if you could even call what Unicron gave as a "choice" for Megatron in the first place. Even reformatted and more powerful than ever, he was simply enslaved, unable to truly enjoy his power. He doesn't even get to enjoy being free from Unicron, as a result of where he ended up when Rodimus tosses him into space.
  • Starscream's death. He gets shot point-blank by Galvatron, which causes his lifeless remains to blacken and slowly crumble to ashes and smoke whilst he's still standing. And this comes directly after an amusing scene where Starscream shoots the trumpets of some of his subordinates to get them to stop interrupting his coronation speech.
    • The Japanese version of this scene is even worse. Unlike the original, where Screamer is completely silent as he dies, there he shrieks in agony after he's shot, then his scream fades out as he turns grey and goes offline.
  • Kranix's death in the Sharkticon pool. It isn't particularly nightmarish in and of itself... until you realize that was the last robot from the destroyed Lithone. The Quintessons just completed genocide for a laugh. There's no more. Kranix was all that remained to even prove Lithone had even existed. Think about the enormity of that for a second, and the death scene becomes even more disturbing.
    • Fortunately downplayed as two Lithones appear alive in Transformers: Victory, indicating their race hasn't been completely exterminated.
  • So, you think a world-gobbling planet is scary? Well, we have even better news for you: Unicron transforms into a planet sized robot. Yes, Galvatron, we feel how scared you are. Even worse is that Cybertron is DECIMATED by Unicron. That gives you an idea of his power and how utterly screwed we would've been if Rodimus Prime hadn't been able to open the Matrix.
    • The sheer scale of his menace is cemented when the Autobots finally confront him:
      Kup: Nope. Never seen anything like this before.
    • It gets even worse when you realize how quickly Unicron has been shown to wipe out planets earlier in the movie, but his robot form has to rip it apart bit by bit. He's doing this just as a way of torturing Galvatron for his attempted betrayal.
      Unicron: For a time... I considered sparing your wretched little planet Cybertron, but now... You shall witness... ITS DISMEMBERMENT!
    • After Unicron's death, the Autobots manage to retake all of Cybertron and banish the Decepticons after just one fade. Just how much of the Decepticon army was slaughtered during Unicron's attack?


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