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Nightmare Fuel / The Spy Who Loved Me

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The Film

  • Jaws attacking Anya on the train. Don't act like you didn't jump when she finds him hiding in her closet. This is made all the worse with the train horn blaring at the very second he was discovered.
    • So much so that even Richard Kiel, who played Jaws, flinched.
  • Lots of Jaws' assassination scenes are like this as well, such as when he ambushes a luckless arms dealer in a telephone booth. The sheer terror on Max Kalba's face when Jaws slowly lowers his metal teeth to his neck is incredibly creepy.
  • Bond disarming a nuclear missile is especially nail-biting, even knowing there's no way he's going to actually fail.
  • The early scene with Stromberg feeding his traitorous mistress to a shark. The oddly beautiful music playing in the scene, combined with Stromberg's "It was you who betrayed me..." speech on the loudspeakers, doesn't really help.
    • Every minute that Karl Stromberg is on screen is this trope, since Curd Jürgens does a good job of making him a Soft-Spoken Sadist.
    • And then there's a shot of the shark putting its nose right into the crotch of the secretary. Eesh.
    • It's also implied that he's disposed of others in this way before, if the scene where Bond first heads to his lair and sees the remnants of a man's arm lying on the surface of the aquarium is any indication.
  • While Bond and Anya are in his Cool Car, they run into a hapless henchman in diving gear... and a fountain of blood geysers out of his body. They even show a short close-up of the guy in his death throes.


The Novel

  • The second chapter itself is horrifying enough. A woman is completely and utterly alone in a motel, with two murderous thugs who are more than willing to burn down the hotel with her in it. And after cruelly abusing Viv, they violently assault her when she refuses to dance with them, with the chapter coming to a close as they hold her down and prepare to rape her. It's truly a horrible, horrible situation for anyone to be in.
    • Even after James rescues Vivienne, the build up to the resulting battle in the darkened motel against Sluggsy and Sol is very tense and reads like something out of a serious horror movie.