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Nightmare Fuel / The Man with the Golden Gun

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  • Some Paranoia Fuel: Scaramanga is a damn good hitman and he could have killed Bond by surprise easily on several instances if he didn't want to keep him alive until he reaches his secret island for a Duel to the Death. Case in point, the murder of Gibson. Scaramanga was lurking with his gun pointed at Gibson, with Bond nearby.
  • Bond goes to meet Andrea in the crowd of a muay thai match. She sits there, motionless and speechless like a wax figure, and it takes Bond a moment to realize she's dead, with her eyes wide open and a bullet hole above her breasts with blood leaking. Then Scaramanga and Nick Nack corner him.
  • Despite being brutalized by Bond only a little while before, Andrea was still perfectly willing to offer her body to him in order to win him over and kill Scaramanga. While it might simply be a case of Andrea willing to overlook Bond's abuse in order to be rid of Scaramanga, there's also another, more disturbing possibility: That what Bond did to her was nothing compared to what Scaramanga could do - and quite possibly had done - to her. Judging by Scaramanga's interactions with her - specifically him caressing her bare flesh with the barrel of his golden gun - and his later killing of her, this is a strong possibility.
  • Scaramanga's Funhouse. Far from being a traditional theme park attraction, it's a custom-built battle arena where Scaramanga engages in death matches with any would-be-assassins Nick Nack brings to their island. It's designed to psychologically torment Scaramanga's opponents, and features a confusing hall of mirrors, several lifelike wax statues (including one of James Bond), and an image of Scaramanga's face that laughs maniacally at whoever encounters it. Even Bond is slightly unnerved when exploring inside.
  • Behind the scenes example: Roger Moore recalled in his autobiography that when they were filming the boat chase on the khlongs (canals in Thailand), he fell in twice. The first was on purpose (because they told him not to do it), and the second time was by accident. On the second fall, Moore made the mistake of opening his eyes underwater, and saw what the local undertakers did with the bodies of the less fortunate.