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Awesome / The Man with the Golden Gun

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The Film

  • The car stunt over the river in Thailand, one of the best in the series and one of the most spectacular ever made with a real vehicle. Except, of course, for the infamous slide whistle over it.
    • There are no computer effects (obviously, it was 1974), but the stunt itself was the first in the world to be entirely planned and calculated by computers beforehand. Not only was this the reason they got the stunt on the very first try, but programmer Raymond McHenry's work with simulations was the direct predecessor to modern video game physics engines. We wouldn't have Wreaking Havok without this stunt.
    • The stunt driver who'd trained extensively to do the jump suddenly wasn't available. Another driver, "Bumps" Willard, happened to be on set, simply volunteered to perform the stunt and did it flawlessly on the first take. As soon as the shot was completed, Cubby Broccoli rushed up to him and slapped a roll of hundred dollar bills into his hand out of gratitude and Willard asked if he could try again!
  • The shoot-out in Scaramanga's funhouse during the pre-credits sequence is a very good showcase of Scaramanga's skills and intelligence as an assassin, particularly:
    • The moment were he picks up a bottle and throws it to distract the gangster sent to kill him. During the distraction, Scaramanga jumps towards a cabinet filled with pistols, but Nick Nack says over the intercom that the door is locked to prevent the kill from being too easy, so he has to look elsewhere.
    • Pushing a button so he could slide down the staircase leading to the pedestal holding his Golden Gun, do an evasive combat roll, grabbing the Golden Gun and perfectly fire a lethal shot into the gangster.
  • Bond managing to hide from the funhouse cameras and get disguised as a figure of himself to shoot Scaramanga.
  • Bond coldly gives his moral viewpoint on killing to Scaramanga: "When I kill it's on the express orders of my government, and those I kill are, themselves, killers."
    • Earlier, when Scaramanga offered a toast:
    Scaramanga: To us, Mr. Bond. We are the best.
  • The two little girls kicking an entire karate school's ass.
    • Lt. Hip does quite well for himself as well, since he's holding off the half of the karate school his nieces aren't dealing with.
  • Cold and cruel as it was, Scaramanga's shooting Andrea in the middle of a crowded arena without anyone being the wiser is a serious show of skill.
    A difficult shot, but no less satisying.
  • Scaramanga's Pre-Mortem One-Liner AND Bond One-Liner when he kills Hai Fat, after calmly accepting insults from Hai Fat, all the while casually assembling his golden gun. Now that he has the Solex, he ends their partnership. Seeing as how he's an Evil Counterpart to Bond, this is to be expected.
    • Right before Scaramanga kills Hai Fat, he drops his cheery facade into a cold stare that screams, "You've had this coming for ages, you bastard".
    Hai Fat: "Bond doesn't know you're in Bangkok. He's never seen you. But he knows me. That's the problem."
    Scaramanga (smiling): "There's no problem."
    Hai Fat: (Oh, Crap! Face)
    • And after the deed is done, he casually takes control of his business.
    Assistant: "What happened?"
    Scaramanga: "Mr Fat has just resigned. I'm the new chairman of the board."
    • After leaving Hai Fat's office.
    Scaramanga: He always did like that mausoleum. Put him in it!
  • Scaramanga's successfully escapes from Bond's pursuit by transforming his car into a freaking airplane.

The Novel