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Tear Jerker / The Spy Who Loved Me

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  • The Reveal that the Soviet agent Bond killed during the ski chase in Austria was Anya Amasova's lover, the boyfriend of the very Soviet agent he now has to cooperate with.
    James: In our business, Anya, people get killed. We both know that. So did he. It was either him or me.
  • Some fans always shed a tear for the death of Naomi, Stromberg's Sexy Secretary, played by the gorgeous Caroline Munro, even though she's a henchwoman working for the Big Bad.
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  • When Anya introduces herself to Bond she proceeds to outline his entire profile to him. When she gets to the part regarding his dead wife, Bond immediately cuts her off with a pained reaction to his face.
    Anya: You are sensitive, Mr. Bond.
    James: About certain things, yes.
  • The Title Theme Tune "Nobody Does It Better" sang by Carly Simon. Though definitely romantic, there's just a deep, emotional, sad quality about it.


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