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Nightmare Fuel / Story of Seasons

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  • Harvest Moon: Magical Melody:
    • This installment is really sweet which makes Creepy Child Meryl stand out all the more. Whatever is wrong with the girl is never stated but she's obviously terrified. She has lines like "Everyone's a liar. They say that growing up isn't scary.", "I planted...some flowers. While...planting, I forgot about many things.", "I don't want to die. It's scary. Why... do people die?", and "I think...about nothing but scary things when I sleep...I have nothing but bad dreams. But I don't have bad dreams when I sleep with Uncle Ronald." Some presume her parents died however how they did is another issue if she's so deeply traumatized, and the fact we never learn about her Dark and Troubled Past is all the more frightening. Eve and Dan's rival cutscene has Meryl expressing the belief that she won't go to Heaven, and that she'll become a "monster" after she dies, because she isn't well-behaved or loved. Again, we never learn anything about this.
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    • The nightmare you receive when your first animal gets sick is intimidating. It has Hank angrily telling you your animal is dying.
  • When your animals die in Harvest Moon: A Wonderful Life they just... Fall over. It's creepy, dark, and a Tear Jerker mixed into one. It doesn't help that the Harvest Sprites just say that that's what happens when you don't keep a close eye on them.
  • The GBA installments feature a very unsettling Easter Egg. If you interact with your TV at exactly 4:44 PM, creepy stuff happens. If you're playing Friends of Mineral Town, you will be trapped in a loop as a dialogue box opens and closes infinitely, forcing you to reset. If you're playing More Friends of Mineral Town, the TV will spam the words "4 時 4 4 分" (4 hours and 44 minutes) for a long while. It's unexplained and quite startling, to the point where it has been mistaken for a glitch.

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